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LCD, LED and Plasma: Things You Need to Know

Digital signage is used in various restaurants to serve customers professionally and efficiently. Gone are the days when paper printed hard copy of menu cards were distributed in customers’ tables. Nowadays, big fast food chains and other popular restaurants are displaying their menu in digital displays. There are lots of advantages of using menu board software for digital signage. You can easily update your menu time to time and share latest information, offers, discounts etc. with the customers.

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Restaurants use different types of displays such as LCD, LED and Plasma for digital signage. Which one of these is best? Let’s do a step by step comparison to have a clear understanding.


It is a very important aspect of any display, especially when the display is used for sharing promotional content. When it comes to brightness, LED display is the best among the lot. LCD ranks at number two and Plasma performs the worst. If the room is slightly dark, then you may not notice huge difference in a LED and Plasma, but if the area is filled with daylight, you won’t be able to see anything in a Plasma display. Since promotion can and should be done at various places, it is better to invest in either LED or LCD.

Black level

If you are a Plasma display fan, then you will be glad to hear that it still produces the best black on screen. However, with the advancement in technology, LED displays are improving and may soon beat Plasma. Among these three, LCD ranks lowest when you consider black level.

Contrast ratio

In this department again Plasma scores very high. LED is very close in terms of contrast ratio, but not as brilliant as Plasmas. LCD does not even come close to LED and Plasma. Probably, that is why, we are witnessing a significant drop in LCD production these days. Since a display with high contrast ratio offers more realistic picture, you may opt for Plasma.


We have seen HD-ready and full HD displays already, but now is the time for 4K screens. 4K displays offer crystal clear pictures and are ideal for advertising purpose because they are generally very large in size. If you take a look at the market, you will notice that there are only 4K LED displays available. Plasma 4K displays have not been launched yet and possibility of launching such a display is almost zero percent. So, LED screens have a brighter future compared to LCD and Plasma models.

Viewing angle

When you install a digital signage, people will see it from various angles. The problem with LCD and LED is that pictures look perfect when viewed from a certain angle and when you see from a different angle, the picture quality fails to impress you. However, Plasma screens have no such issues. They offer the best viewing angle all the time. However, the latest LED models are offering impressive viewing angle and can be used for digital signage easily. All you need to do is position the digital signage at the right spots.

Electricity consumption

LED displays are most energy efficient and LCD ranks at number 2 position. Plasma screens are most energy hungry. Digital signage remains active for very long time throughout the day. So, if you install Plasma displays, it can affect your monthly budget. It is better to use LED as it saves money and preserves Mother Nature.

As the above points show, there are both positive and negative aspects of LCD, LED and Plasma displays. You have to select as per your requirements and promote your business professionally.

Author bio: Jack Dawson is a digital marketing expert and he specializes in menu board software. You can read some of his other article by visiting our site.

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