Learn About Article Marketing 101

Small businesses are often overwhelmed with the amount of information they need to learn in order to promote their business. There is an awful lot to learn. Often, it is the word “marketing” that offsets many people. While it isn’t rocket science, it does take time, not only to get your articles out there, but to learn the ins and outs of each platform used.

Learn Article Marketing

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Know the Rules

There are a lot of article marketers out there who shamelessly put useless information into “articles”, place excessive back-links, and provide no benefit to the reader what-so-ever. Before you even attempt article marketing, you should know that these types of articles are frowned upon not only by the various platforms, but Google. This is the number 1 thing any business person should realize before they begin article marketing, or pay someone else to do it for them. Also realize that the rules are different for every platform.

Know the Platforms

There are a growing number of platforms on which to do article marketing. This page you are reading is one of them, albeit one of the newer additions. You will need to sign up for each platform before you begin. You can begin with Seekyt, or choose from other available sites, such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Wizzley, and Zujava. Again, learn the rules before you submit any content. Sign up, and read the content guidelines carefully. Failure to do this will most likely result in your article being deleted, and could possibly mean losing your account.

Know your Reader

To learn article marketing, you should first know who it is you want to attract with your article. If you are, for example, a roofing company, provide helpful information to your reader. Do not simply write articles talking about your company. Given the example, a roofing company may write and article about how to avoid leaky roofs.If you are hiring someone to do the articles for you, make sure they research the type of work you do. People search for information they want or need, not sales articles. Be informative and useful.

Know your Limits

If you truly want to learn article marketing, plan on spending time to do so. Also plan on learning a lot of new information. Good article marketing does pay off in the long run, but only you can decide if it is something you want to do yourself, or leave to those who specialize in it. Not everyone is a born writer. Then again, no one knows until they try.