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Learn About Factory Reset and How to Restore Mac to Factory Settings

MacBook Pro is an interesting and pleasant device to handle. But after years of use any computing device gets stuffed with too many things including files and folders. Things might get that messy that it gets difficult for the users to organize them. There are many users who get the feeling of buying a new device to start fresh. That will be an expensive choice. If the need is for an out-of-box fresh Mac device, then factory reset can serve the purpose. This article will help you in learning how to restore Mac to factory settings and what purpose the process solves.

Owing to the superb Mac software and Mac operating systems, MacBook Pro stands out as one of the best computing devices. But if your system has got too crowded with stuffs and you want to start fresh with the device, then factory resetting can help. The process helps you in making your device internally as new as it was when you first bought it.

What is Factory Reset ?

Someone recommends you to restore Mac to factory resetting and you blindly go for it is not a wise idea. You must learn how to restore your Mac to factory settings, and what changes it will bring to your device. Rest you must also learn what are the advantages and risks of this process.
A factory reset refers to a process when the Mac software restores to its original system state. Original system state means the state in which you received device on its purchase. The factory reset process deletes all the information stored on the device. All settings, each bit of data, applications, passwords, everything gets erased.

That clearly explains that before you go to restore Mac to factory settings, you must get the data backup. It’s not that people go for factory reset when they want their same old Macbook to appear internally like a fresh device. There are various other purposes that restoring a Mac to factory settings will serve.

A few of those are as follows:


The most common reasons behind restoring a Mac to factory setting include:

• For fixing a malfunctioning MacBook

• For removing a virus of file that is not getting deleted by the normal method

• For clearing the settings and configuration of the MacBook Pro to the default settings

• For clearing the memory space on the device

• For removing the personal data from the device before selling it

If you are selling your MacBook Pro or any other computing device, then also it is very important to factory reset it. Because manually deleting every bit of information is not easy, a factory reset confirms that all information in your device will get erased. However, you need to keep a note that the factory reset will only hide data from the Mac operating systems but experts may retrieve the data using modern retrieval techniques. So, before changing the ownership, its better you personally delete the data and do a factory reset.

How to Restore Your Mac to Factory Settings?

If you are using Macbook Pro or any other Mac device and want to restore your Mac software to factory settings, then perform the following steps. These steps are valid for a MacBook Pro without a disc.

• Set the MacBook Pro to restart

• During the boot process, when the grey screen appears, hold down the “Command” and “R” keys

• From the Menu, select a Wi-Fi network

• In the next screen select “Disk Utility”

• Then click “Continue.”

• In the list choose your hard drive and click “Erase.”

• In the new dialog box, click the “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” option

• Type a new disk name

• Then click “Erase.”

• Once the drive gets wiped, click “Disk Utility.”

• Then click on “Quit Disk Utility.”

• Choose “Reinstall OS X.”

• Next, click “Continue.”

To complete the reinstallation of the Mac operating system, you need to follow the on-screen instructions.


You might choose to do a factory reset owing to many reasons but before you go for it create data backup of all your personal information and data. The reinstallation of the fresh Mac operating system might take up to an hour. It depends on the Internet speed connection. Once, the installation is over; you have an all new Macbook, with no traits of your earlier setting, applications, data, etc.

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