Learn How to be Your Own Handyman

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I am going to explain and show you can be your own handyman at home.
If you don’t have any experience fixing or building around the house it might be a bit scary thinking of taking on a home project by yourself. I am here to tell you that there is no need to be scared and to help you pull out the inner handyman inside of you. You can easily learn how to be your family’s handyman and do all of your home repairs yourself. You won’t have to hire a handyman once you learn how to do your own home repairs. Everyone, no matter what skills they have will have a knack at doing certain things well and some other things not so well around the home. If you already have an idea of what skills you have and are confident of then you are already ahead of the game. If you don’t have any skills at all when it comes to home fix it projects don’t worry because just the fact that your reading this shows you have the desire to become a handyman and will most likely be successful.

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There are different levels of handyman. There is the basic knowledge handyman which everyone should be able to compete with who can perform certain duties like changing the furnace filter, adding salt to the soft water softener, painting a bedroom and maybe even prepping the walls before you paint. There are other people who are capable of taking on jobs like changing a light fixture or the kitchen taps as long as you don’t have to rewire anything or do anything with water lines other than loosen the water flex line from the shut off valve. Then there are the handymen who are not scared of anything and whether they can do a proper job or not can and will do just about anything in the house without a care.

I am going to help you get started in being an entry level handyman who isn’t afraid of trying to fix things. Say it isn’t so? Well let’s get started. I always say if someone else can do it then why can’t I? And I would like you to adapt that same mindset. No matter what needs to be fixed around the house you can probably fix it yourself. Of course you might not be able to finish the job as nice as a professional but you are on your way to completing great jobs just by taking on the task yourself.
First thing which is a must have for being a successful handyman around the home is tools. You should have a tool box of some sort filled with basic tools like;

– A full assortment of screw drivers
– Hammer
– Tape measure
– Utility knife
– Small hand saw
– Hack saw
– Pliers
– Small and large crescent wrenches
– Small putty knife
– Caulking gun
– Cordless drill
– Wide assortment of drill bits
– Electrical and duct tape
– Level
– Safety glasses

This list is a good start but is not complete.

You can either purchase these tools separately or buy a tool kit that comes with quite a few of these tools but not all of them. Next thing to invest in is a book or two about handyman work in the home. You can purchase books that have dozens if not hundreds of small projects that pop up time to time around the house. It’s a great investment and once you have the knowledge in your head you can pass the books on to someone else or keep them for future reference. Another valuable source of information is the internet if you don’t want to invest in books. You can search on pretty much any topic and find some instructions on getting the job done. When about to take on a project make sure you do your research on what is involved in completing your job. Some things to know when doing handyman work around the home;

– Do a bit of research about what you are working with and what you are about to do before you attempt to do it. Having an understanding helps the job go smoother.

– When working with taps or water lines to always turn the water off at the water meter before you start. Seems like common sense but some people forget to do this and end up with a huge mess.

– Turn the power off at the breaker box when doing anything with electrical. You don’t want to play with electricity. Buy a tester for extra insurance and test the outlet switch or light fixture before working with the wiring.

– If painting make sure to prep the area first by patching holes and touching up the area before you paint. Your paint job will look like a pro did it if you do that.

– Ask experienced friends for help and or advice to get you through the task. Once you start learning how to be a handyman and see how easy it really is your confidence will grow and there won’t be any home project that you will shy away from.

– Search and watch how to videos on the internet. It doesn’t matter what you are doing someone has made a video about it and posted it on the internet.

– You need tools to be a handyman so make sure to stock up.

If there is anything I can tell you that will help you in being your own home handyman it would be to just not be afraid to try something. If it turns out you can’t complete the job there is always someone else who can do it for you. The only way you will learn is to jump in and do it.

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