Learn How To Fly In Flight Simulator Games

Looking for a basic guide to help you fly and experience the thrill of flying airplanes and helicopters simulation without leaving the comfort of home? Then enter the correct place, where in this article to share with you a more well-known for new flight simulator on how to start flying without getting lost in all the skill technical advance.

How To Fly in Flight Simulator Games

1. Once you open the flight simulator software tips, click on ‘I want more control’ and then select the Dragonfly aircraft level list on the left side of the screen.

2. You must then select the airport from the list of airports. If you are a beginner in the flight simulator, best to start with major international airports and busy as Half Moon Bay in California. Then select ‘noon’ for the time of day. The reason for this adjustment, mainly because you can see what you are doing during their first flight. Other settings, you can set if, as you, including the level, the color of the plane and degrees of visual flight.

3. Now, start loading the program after setting the final. It may take some time due to heavy airports 3D graphic scenes and aircraft. When finished loaded, the plane is ready on the runway.

4. You can control the plane with keyboard, mouse or joystick. Keyboard keys (4,6,2,8) to control the left button 4, then key 6, to the 8 key and down – key 2 plane motion. While a right click of the mouse in terms of control of zoom in / out and can look around outside the aircraft. The plane motion to be easy with the joystick control. Pulling and pushing the lever causes the rise and fall out as it moves to the side makes the plane turn left and right.

5. Press and hold down the keyboard ‘Page up’ key to accelerate the engine, ‘page down’ to reduce engine speed and ‘S’ to initialize the engine.

6. If you find that your plane does not move along the track until after the engine speeds, it is possible that because they do not release the parking brake. You can press Shift-B ‘to release the brake and brake again to repeat it again when you start to park their aircraft landing when finished.

7. To raise the door, pull the lever very gently when you gain enough speed. You realize that the plane will climb out of the strip.

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