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Learn How to Quickly Transfer Contacts From Android to an iPhone

When you buy a new phone, one of the prime concerns is how to transfer the contacts from the former phone to the new phone. However, these days various solutions are available through which you can conveniently export and import phone numbers from the old to a new phone. This article explains two easy tips of transferring contacts from an Android to the iPhone.

Earlier, there was no way out but to manually type each contact for transferring those from once device to other. But thankfully, at the current time the scenario has changed. Whether a college-going student or a corporate executive, these days everyone maintains a long list of contacts in their phone. So, manually typing the names and phones numbers is just next to impossible. However, there is no need of doing that as there are various ways of transferring the contacts.

If you were an Android phone user and have recently switched to iPhone, then you might be thinking that cross-platform contact transferring can be an issue. However, it is not, the process is as simple as transferring the contacts from one to another Android device. Following are two easy ways of transferring contacts.

Transferring with Gmail and iTunes

When you switch to a new phone, then you are sure to get excited to unbox your phone. But before you start using your new Apple device, there are a few things you got to do.

• Plug in your old Android Phone, head towards the ‘Contacts’ page, then click the ‘Menu’ button. Now from the menu list, select “Merge with Google.” It will export all the contact from your Android device to your Gmail account.

• If you have already synced your Android device with Google account, then you can ignore the aforementioned step and straight away head to the next move.

• To check the contacts, sign into your Gmail account. Now move to the ‘Contact’ page. To get into the page, click on the ‘Gmail’ link located above the “compose” tab. A drop down menu will show two links “Contact” and “Task.” Click on “Contacts” to get into the Contact page. Here, you will find all your contacts with names.

• Now it’s time to put the contacts into your new Apple phone. Switch on the device, and perform the following steps:

o Go to ‘Settings’ menu

o Select the ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ tab

o Here click on ‘Gmail’

o Feed your Gmail login credentials

• Your Apple device will automatically import all the contacts from your Goggle mail account.

Using Third Party App

There are some apps through which the task of contact transferring becomes even easier. My Contacts Backup is a good Android app to fulfill the requirement. To use this app, perform the following steps:

• Go to play store and type My Contacts Backup in the search

• Download and install the app

• Open it and click on “Backup”

• Within a few seconds, the app will create a backup file of all the contacts in your device

• As the backup file gets created, it will show up the ‘Send’ tab

• Click on ‘Send’ and you will be asked to enter the recipient email address to which you want to send that file as a VCF attachment

• Enter your email address and send the file to your email account

• Next, when you will sign into your email account from your Apple device, click on the VCF attachment and your new phone will import the contact.

The app is available for iOS also, thus using the same procedure you can also transfer contacts from an Apple phone to Android. Moreover, you can email your contacts to your friends. Thus, using the Gmail services and the Android app called ‘My Contacts Backup’ it is easy to conduct the process of contact transferring.

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