Learn How to Sell on Ebay to Increase Your Income

Knowing how to sell on eBay is quite easy, you only need to know where to click, the boxes to fill and a few selections. That’s it. Your item should now be listed for sale on EBay. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when selling on eBay that will increase the interest and general sales of your products. For those that are new to selling on eBay, it is recommended that they buy some few things as they will understand the process better from the buyer’s point of view.

How to open an account with eBay

The first step on how to sell on eBay is registering an account on eBay. Opening an account on eBay is free and fast. EBay website is user-friendly and is compiled with a list of eBay international sites to facilitate the registration process. All you need is your personal details, your postal address as well as your email address. With just few minutes, you can have a verified account on eBay.

Choosing what to sale on eBay

Majority of people on eBay start up by selling a few households that they seem useless to them or even some bits and pieces from the garage. You might be pretty surprised when you make high sales from the items that you thought to be useless. When you run out of the products to sell, look for an item that is currently not on offer and add it up to the sales listings. You can go through the other competitive products in the eBay to compare prices so that you may know where to set up your fixed price. When learning about how to sell products on eBay, you should pay close attention to marketing as this will determine the overall sale of your products.

Buying items for resale

Some of the top sellers on this popular market place opt to resell items on eBay. If you prefer this technique, you must purchase the item at the best price in order to make profit. Some of these sellers look for the products that they can actually sale more than one time. For you to become proficient in this, it is recommended you consult these sellers as they will provide you with guidelines on how to sell on eBay. Some of the sites that you can buy products to resell are second hand shops, car boot sales, local classifieds, church, traditional actions and garage sales, just to name a few.

Genuine payment methods on eBay

There are quite a number of genuine ways to receive payment from eBay. The simplest and also the slowest way to receive your payment is through cheque. Majority of the people on eBay prefer using credit and debit cards as this is fastest and yet the safest payment method available. In order for a seller to accept payment from a buyer, he/she must have a merchant account. He/she can also opt to open an account with online payment providers such as PayPal and NOCHECK (UK & International).

Packing and shipping eBay products

You should find out how much it will cost you to package and ship the goods to the winning bidder. When you are creating the product’s listing, you will be prompted for the shipping charge. It is advised you prepare yourself earlier to avoid inconveniences. You may also be asked to provide the weight and the dimensions of the package before you are given the goods quotation. If you need to send small items it is highly recommended you use Royal mail. This service is reliable and very cost effective. You should also insure your products to avoid loss in case your products damage or get lost. By adhering to these guidelines on how to sell on eBay, you will be able to make high sales within a short period of time.


It might be quite challenging to sell your products on a competitive market place like eBay, but it can be done by studying how to sale on eBay guides and adhering to the eBay policies.