Learn How to Shop for Plus Size Coats!

The perfect coat is out there for plus size women. They shouldn’t fret; small-framed people have just as much trouble finding the perfect coat.

Fashionable coats for plus size women have not always been an option. Choosing the perfect coat is now easier because there are lots of choices available, as well as a larger variety of retailers who cater to the plus size woman. Here are some shopping tips that should make it easier for you to find the best coat for your frame and your taste:

· What kind of coat do you want or need? As with all other sizes, the type of coat you want (or need) to buy is going to play a large part in your purchase. You will be able to hone-in more precisely when you know the type of coat you want. Need something for the elements, ok no problem – you will ignore the finer looking jackets and coats. If you’re looking for wet weather applications, then you don’t want to get something made out of cotton or linen. If you want something heavy, you won’t want to waste your time trying on coats that are just barely thick enough to keep people from seeing your outfit through the coat.

· Most fashion advisors will tell you to look for a color that is slimming when shopping for plus sized coats. There are certainly benefits to this approach. If you are self conscious about your appearance you’ll want something with a slimming effect, such as a dark color like black, navy blue, or a deep chocolate brown. These coats will help you keep from looking larger than you really are while still maintaining a flattering shape. One example is a giant puffy coat; you know, the kind that sort of remind you of the Michelin Man. Giant puffy coats don’t look good on anybody, but if you are self conscious about your size a puffy coat could make you feel even worse!

· One thing that does matter and should be kept in mind is the length of a plus size coat. Did you know that there’s a slimming type of effect with the longer coats? Not all people are concerned about that, but if you are then that’s definitely something to consider. You may not want to create attention to your waist, and that is what happens with the short coat or jacket, especially with a chic wide belt. Practically all people will look pretty reasonable in the long coat. Of course, while longer coats are good, stay away from full-length coats if you are short. You have some things to consider and decide on before you ever go out and shop for a plus sized coat. Your primary concern may be to help yourself look smaller than you actually are.

One last thing to consider when shopping for plus size coats is to purchase them in the off season and receive deep discounts. Your local brick and mortar store may not have them in stock, but a quick search online at some of your favorite retailers will have a better selection.

There are coats that are designed to be slimming in nature. But for cold weather, many people don’t care how it looks just as long as it keeps them warm. The coat you buy will depend upon your wants, needs and personal taste. It might take some time to find the absolute best coat for you, but if you keep searching you will find it!