Learn to speak English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language

The study and use of English as a foreign language, is known as English as a Second Language or ESL. People who have a native tongue different than English will generally benefit from various ESL courses which can help improve their understanding of English.

Teaching English as a second language is never easy and a person will need to be very patient and understanding because the time period over which a person learns the English language can vary from one person to another and how much they already know the language.

TEFL or ESL Courses

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) or ESL Courses are available in many native countries to help out students who have a flair for English or even those who need to learn enough English to be able to migrate to an English speaking country.

TEFL Teachers %u2013 Qualification

Of course the qualifying criteria can vary from one country to another and from one institution to another. Some may require a pre-qualification like MA TESOL while for others a university degree might be enough. Proof of English proficiency will also be required by most institutions and organizations.

In order to teach a language, it is not enough only to know and understand the language but also have a knowhow of successful training and teaching methods. This is why some institutes will actually train eligible candidates in language teaching to polish their talents and make them more productive.

Of course having a basic knowledge of English grammar concepts and experience or courses in teaching will be considered as an added plus. There are also many online TEFL courses available for those who are trying to qualify as a TEFL teacher.

TEFL Techniques

The usual techniques used for teaching English as a second language include reading, communicative language teaching and blended learning. Here is the basic information about these TEFL techniques.

Reading for TEFL

This technique basically makes use of literature in order to aid the learning process. There are both youth oriented literature as well as teenager and adult oriented literature available. Rhyming and wordplay is used for children teaching but for adults is usually more mature and complex.

Communicative Language Teaching

CLT offers a very essential solution to teaching English as a foreign or second language. CLT puts emphasis on interactive studies which helps a person retain more information. This method is more popular in Japan, Taiwan and several European countries. CLT comprises of task based language training which has become quite popular.

Blended Learning

A combination of online interactions and face to face teaching, blended is an integral EFL technique. This kind of training is given through a virtual learning environment and computer assisted language learning tools are used. The tools can include web course tools, or course managed learning platforms.


A person who wishes to teach English as a second language may have to go through some training or will need to have some teaching experience before they can be considered for this position. Additionally, having a knowhow of teaching techniques and methods and having a relevant language degree also helps.