Learning Brazilian Portuguese with Ease

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I am very grateful for this time of year and this is why, I would like to share with you my knowledge of the Brazilian Portuguese language via the Seekyt.com website. I consider this to be my gift to you: the gift of language.

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Learning Brazilian Portuguese with Ease, Seekyt

I will show you a way of learning the language with ease. My goal here today is to teach you the basics of the language to include; word usage, pronunciation and even sentence structure, or at least the hope is that it turns out that way. I will teach this by using a theme based approach to language learning – in the theme of Christmas.

what do you mean by theme based?

Let me explain what I mean by ‘theme based’ (or situational based) language learning. In Brazilian Portuguese, in particular, there exists multiple words with the same meaning. The manner in which you use each word will depend on the situation, i.e. situational based. In giving my example of this, let’s take the verb to play.

You have three different versions. They are: Jogar, Brincar and Tocar. Jogar is used when you want to play football. Brincar with the kids in the street and tocar a musical instrument.

And if that’s not example enough, let’s take the adjective thin. You have Magro and Fino. Use magro if you talking about the fact that you lost 50 pounds jogar your favorite sport and fino if your wallets size has, unfortunately, decreased due to the price of jogar your favorite sports.

I have included videos for you to see how the words are spoken. I will give you a set of phrases in which I will break down each word in order to show you how these words are used in a sentence. And they are spoken by a native Brazilian speaker so rest assured it is genuine pronunciation. I feel this to be the easiest way of showing the complexities of this language.

1st Phrase

* Feliz Natal! = Merry Christmas!

  1. Natal = Christmas, word type: noun
  2. Feliz = happy, word type: adjective

2nd Phrase

* Qual foi seu presente desse Natal? = What was your gift this year?

  1. Foi = was, word type: verb
  2. Presente = present, word type: noun

3rd Phrase

* O clima de Natal está em toda parte = The spirit of Christmas is everywhere.

  1. Está = It is, word type: verb

4th Phrase

* Vamos Colocar as Decorações na Ávore de Natal. = Let’s decorate the tree.

  1. Colocar = to put, word type: verb
  2. Decorações = decorations, word type: noun
  3. Ávore = tree, word type: noun

5th Phrase

* Qual Seu Desejo desse Natal? = What did you wish for this Christmas?

  1. Desejo = wish, word type: noun

6th Phrase

* Você já assistiu o Nutcracker desse ano? = Did you see the Nutcracker this year?

  1. Assistiu = watched, word type: verb
  2. Ano = year, word type: noun
  3. Você = you, word type: pronoun

7th Phrase

* Feliz Natal e Ano Novo! = Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  1. Novo = new, word type: adjective

8th Phrase

* Como está seu Natal desse ano? = How’s your Christmas this year?

9th Phrase

* Então, o que você ganhou desse Natal? = So, what did you get for Christmas?

  1. O que = what, word type: pronoun
  2. Ganhou = got, word type: verb

10th Phrase

* Eu ganhei uma passagem para Disney World desse ano. = I got a ticket to Disney World this year.

I hope I made that easy enough and understandable. Unfortunately, there is too much to cover all in one session regarding this language, but I will try putting out more information in the future.

Merry Christmas!

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Learning Brazilian Portuguese with Ease, Seekyt
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