News Learning How To Draw Cat Paws?

Learning How To Draw Cat Paws?


How to Draw Cat Paw?

If you are an artist set to hone your artistic skills, you probably have once thought of how to draw cat paws perhaps when drawing any of the animals that fall within the cat family. Drawing cat paws is not an easy task for many people and only skilled artists may know their way about this. But you don’t necessarily have to be one to be able to draw cat paws. You only need to learn what to do and you’ll be good to go. With the following tips you may find that drawing cat paws is after all not that difficult.

Study your cat’s paw

While it’s not mandatory that you make your drawing in the presence of your cat, it pays to first ensure that you have a clear picture of what the paw’s picture should look like in mind before commencing your drawing. So just take a few minutes to look at the paw of your feline friend carefully then you will be ready to go. When studying the paw, check the shape of the pads, the phalanges and the claws. Do remember that there are two major kinds of paws in animals: canine paws and feline paws. Feline paws are the ones your cat is likely to have where claws are not visible but canine paws are more like the paws of your dog from which it is very easy to see the claws.

Which View are you drawing from?

Once you are through with the brief studying of the paws, one has to be clear on the specific view that they want to draw them from. Usually there is the back view, front view, top view and bottom view. There will be a different outlook of the paws depending on the particular view that you choose to draw them from. The plantar and digitals (toes) will not be seen for example if you are drawing the paws from the top view but only from the bottom view. So in effect, you can draw different pictures of the paws of the same cat just by changing the viewpoint that you are drawing from.

Actual drawing

In most cases the most difficult view to draw cat paws from is the bottom view which is why we will focus on it on this post. Here the important parts of the paw that should be present for your drawing to be complete should include the toes and the plantar. For a simple but precise drawing, draw four well spaced oval structures to represent the toes and just below them, draw an almost triangular sketch to represent the plantar. Then you can additionally remember to draw a small oval shape on one side to represent the fifth toe of the cat. Claws will not be visible on the drawing unless you are trying to show a picture of the claws of a cat when it is ready for a fight.

This is a brief procedure for drawing sketches of cat paws. You may further reinforce your drawings with appropriate colors to make the pictures appear real and professionally drawn. See, how to draw cat paws is no rocket science.

Learning How To Draw Cat Paws?
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