Learning to Cook Online

I find learning to cook on line has it’s ups and downs,the reason being is no smell. Cannot see what you are doing, cannot feel the food that you are prepping, no true idea on whats going on, no hands on feel of what has to be done. One of the most important things you need is your eyes reading the food, seeing the mistakes that can be made. It doesn’t take much to destroy a good meal, misread recipes can make your day turn bad. Ideas have to be shown to get it right, some things you do not get the first time. So it must be repeated a number of times, for the best outcome. The teacher will have her own problems to solve, and they can show up on line and not know it. This is where your eyes come in to play, you may be able to catch the mistake in time to stop the foul up. Learning to cook on line has it’s advantage, one not having to be some place, saving gas and time. Working in your own home, and being less pressed, more relaxed, and more comfortable, knowing where all of you utensils are, all the comforts of home. This is the idea right? Wrong you have to get the feel of the teachings, and it doesn’t come through the monitor. You should be there in person to get the true idea of what’s happening. Following someone on line is not my idea of learning to cook, you need to see the true colors of a meal coming together. The sweat on your forehead from working hard at fixing a meal, the pleasure you will get from the great job you have done.

When Julia Child did her shows you could see some of the mistakes she made, not big one’s but little one’s that should not have happened. This is what I mean, you can’t see everything on screen or monitors. I would rather go to a live class and get the true feeling of learning to cook, feel the heat of great food being prepared, and coming off the stove or out of the oven. Seeing the colors change from the heat that made this great pie or cake or complete dinner. Cooks that spent twenty years learning the trade know what I’m talking about. Culinary schools are great if you can afford it, remember that what you learn does not apply to everything. Most chefs have their own ideas on how to make certain things. Getting that great job out of school does not come all the time, everybody does not get that lucky, you will have to start at the bottom and the pay is not that great.