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Learning to Focus With Numbers Visualization Meditation

During numbers visualization meditation, you have to turn off the music… and all the distractions that go with it. The television, the DVD. Whatever noise is in the background. Because this will require your full attention.

Eliminate the music until you’ve become more familiar with meditating, and don’t have a problem concentrating. Some people can tune noises out better than others. So until you get to that point I would suggest no music.

Find a nice quiet place, sit or lie down. Which ever makes you more comfortable… then relax and clear your mind. You will be counting and focusing on what you count. I find this exercise goes very well with the breathing and stillness meditation. With practice, you can easily do this anytime. It’s a lot less formal and can be done anywhere.

You basically breath slowly and evenly. When you exhale, visualize the number one. Once you’ve visualized that, inhale while still focusing on number one, exhale and visualize the number two.

Repeat this process as far as you can go. (See Instructions Below)

The numbers visualization meditation will require you to count and visualize, so please don’t be intimidated by the procedures. Like the procedure for guided imagery meditation, work and progress at your own speed.

The Right Meditation For You

If you happen to feel the numbers visualization meditation, or any meditation isn’t right for you, then don’t sweat it! If it becomes more of a chore than fun, then it’s defeating the purpose of the entire procedure. You must move on to something that you really enjoy. Something that excites you.

This is a meditation that you uses concentration, so if you’re struggling and can’t turn off the distractions, don’t feel you have to do this! Come back and try another day.

The Numbers Visualization Meditation Numbers Meditation

1. Find a nice quite place where you can sit and relax. Make sure you are sitting straight with your back against the chair. Begin by slowly breathing. Not heavy breathing, but very light breathing.

2. When you have a slight, rhythmic breathing pattern going, visualize the number one when you exhale. After the number forms in your mind, inhale.

3. While still thinking of number one, you want to exhale and visualize the number two. Continue doing the numbers meditation until you reach one hundred.

4. If you can’t get the numbers to form in your mind, or you end up having a million other things running across your mind instead – then you must start the meditation over from the beginning. Don’t proceed until you can form and concentrate on each number.

5. This process is important, because you can’t go to the visualization part of this meditation until you can do the numbers part correctly. The numbers meditation teaches you how to focus. Once you can focus without your mind wandering, then you can proceed to the visualization part.

6. The visualization meditation part consist of replacing the numbers with your visualization. If you’ve learned how to focus, then you should be able to focus on your visualization without your mind wandering. However, if your mind does wander, just stop the meditation and start over.

7. If that doesn’t seem to help, then stop your session and continue at a later time. The numbers visualization meditation should be done for at least 10 minutes each day.

8. When you get to the point where you can do this meditation technique without distractions, then move it up to 20 minutes a day. Also, once the distractions are under control, you can try combining this practice with the insightful meditation.

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