Learning while they Play- Importance of Educational Toys in Australia

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If you have children at home, it is completely your responsibility that they get the right amount of love and care and grow up into a multi-dimensional human being with diverse interests. When it comes to giving them every bit of what you have got, proper education definitely comes within the top three to do list. Now, education doesn’t necessarily mean only academic education which they get at school, in order to develop as a well-rounded being, education needs to be imparted right from childhood. Did you know that toys can be a great way to impart education from early childhood, and educational toys play a major role in going so effectively? Want to know about different educational toys and how they help your children in their growing up process? If so, you can give this post a good read to get the nitty-gritty of educational toys.

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Learning while they Play- Importance of Educational Toys in Australia, Seekyt

‘Sandy’ an NXT Camel, image credit by Louise Dade

What are educational toys?

So you live in Australia and are interested in the different educational toys in Australia. Well, besides keeping your child happy and busy with it, educational toys are also meant to teach them a thing or two about growing up well. Most educational toys have a musical aspect to it and help your child in developing an ear for music at a very early age. Right from babies to toddlers to young adults, there are different options of educational toys in Australia to pick from and as a parent you need to make a pick carefully so that your child gets the best of what he deserves at his/her age.

Age appropriate educational toys:

For a mere baby, a complicated toy is an absolute no-no. The focus should be at helping him develop his motoring skills, teach him to differentiate between colors, and let him interact a bit more with musical toys. Rattles are a good option that help your kid in composing music as well at improving their motor skills. Tambourines also are a good pick at this age.

While your child grows up a tad bit and starts moving around, this is the age where your options are the widest. If you want him to pick up a musical instrument later in his life, now is the time you introduced him to a miniature version of the instrument. From play drums to keyboards from mini guitars to xylophones, you have ample options to pick from. Now one thing you should bear in mind that your child will have a tendency to put anything he finds interesting in his mouth, hence avoid toys that have small parts that are detachable. These educational toys can literally be your child’s best friend while he is growing up along with teaching him a thing or two about music.

Learning while they Play- Importance of Educational Toys in Australia, Seekyt

GOTT-610, image credit by toys wooden

Wooden educational toys:

If you are looking for durability, nothing can beat the wooden educational toys. Not only can they last years, but also last generations together. Kids end up dropping their toys a tad too much, and wooden toys cater to the task pretty well. They are intricately carved as well and brightly colored to add to the appeal. Kids get attracted towards brightly hued toys and organically painted wooden toys are perfect pick from them.

Purchasing educational toys:

One destination that gives you a variety as well as cost effective rates is a reputed online toy store like Little Music Makers. You can look through the different toys that they offer and provide the attractive seasonal discounts. Don’t forget to pick the brightest of the toys available since they will keep your child attracted towards them. Durability is also one factor you should pay attention to since toys are bound to bear wear and tears when in hand of a child.

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Learning while they Play- Importance of Educational Toys in Australia, Seekyt
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