Leather Dog Helmets and Goggles for your Motorcycle-Loving Pooch

Looking to get a leather dog helmet and goggles for your super-cool dog? Lots of dogs just love riding around on motorbikes these days.. who knows why? Maybe it’s the feeling of the breeze in their fur, their ears flapping in the wind, or maybe they like the view from up high on the handlebars or they just wanna be ‘king of the road’ and look down on all the other dogs trotting along the sidewalk.


Dog Goggles

Whatever the reason, when riding along the highway, dogs still need to take the same safety precautions as humans. This isn’t just in case they fall off the bike, but also it’s good to protect their little eyes from the dangers of flying debris or loose stones from the road. Some dogs’ eyes can tear easily so it’s worth investing in a pair of goggles (or doggles!) and a helmet if you want to save on unnecessary incidental veterinary bills.

Besides the safety reasons, getting your dog to wear goggles will of course have the added benefit of making him look SUPER cool, increase his street cred a hundred times over and be the envy of all the other dogs on the block. Their tails will be wagging with jealousy!

There are some great goggle designs available on Amazon. Take these Doggles with skull and cross bone detailing which have 100 percent UV protection, anti-fog and shatterproof lenses so your dog will have comfortable eyes and great protection in all weathers. If you have a very small dog like a pug or chihuahua, then you’ll need to get an extra small size pair like the Doggles Dog Goggles ILS Ice Blue Frame in Extra Small. Even if your dog isn’t a keen motorcyclist but just has a habit of sticking his nose out of the car window as you’re driving along, these will give him the protection he needs.

Dog Helmets

A helmet will protect your dog’s precious head when riding along and give you peace of mind that you’ve done all you can to keep him safe. Don’t forget to measure his head first before ordering the product – you’ll want to measure across the forehead and round to the back behind the ears to get the right size. You can choose from fabric padded helmets or a more hard wearing plastic type.

The Yellow Cute Pet Dog Motorbike Bicycle Cloth Helmet made from polyester material with extra padding on the front, is very bright and ideal for night-time driving and being seen in the dark. The Doggie Bike or Motorcycle Helmet is made of strong, durable polymer – the same material used to make hard hats for building sites. It’s available in white, black and pink. This helmet could be easily customised with some leather and studs glued on top to look like a proper biker’s leather dog helmet – you could even make your own helmet match your dog’s. Why not go further and co-ordinate with the leather doggie biker jacket – he will look so awesome in that!

Lastly, there’s nothing that says you can’t have a bit of fun with your doggie outfit. If you’re on your way to the ball game and he wants to come too, why not treat him to a whole outfit with the Dog Gone Cute 4 Piece Football Jersey including Pants, Helmet and Toy Ball. Super CUTE!

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