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LED Flood Light – Cost Effective Beauty with Safety

LED flood Light plays a very Bright role in our lives by lighting up every place we want. It can be used for the indoor as well as outdoor attraction. These lights can be seen in a solo as well as cluster .Be it a Solo stand or a cluster, these lights can be seen everywhere.
Starting from a Hotel reception to a courtyard party decoration, a street lighting to Instant-security lighting, LED flood light are reaching a pinnacle with their features and cost.

Parameters to choose a good LED flood light

  • Energy saver: Energy consumption is less, thus saving almost 80% of energy compared to other bulbs. The maximum consumption should preferably be around 10 Watt.
  • Durability: Long life span
  • Eco-friendly: Environment friendly, with no emission of poisonous gas in the environment.
  • The LED flood light should have a constant current flow.
  • Flexibility so that it can be installed anywhere and everywhere.

Usage of LED Flood light

  • Outdoor LED flood light: The obvious purposes behind outdoor lighting are “Security” and “Decoration”. But a Big halogen light might add to the security of the house but doesn’t define the beauty of the house. Herein, LED flood light can step in. They can be used in the outdoor to combine both security and decoration to generate “Security with Beauty”. These lights are quite energy efficient and thus consumes less energy, keeping peace at the owner’s pocket. These LED lights can be used for lighting up building facades, sign boards, landscape etc. They have a wide beam of light to bring a huge area under the sight. These also come with a longer lifespan. The outdoor LED flood light come in various watt power and some even have a battery backup technology.
  • Indoor LED flood light: LED flood light can be used for indoor decoration like focusing on decorating a particular object from a distance. The lights can be of dimmable variation as well, whereas the brightness can be lowered when required. Not all purpose and time require flashing bright lights.
  • Comparison of LED flood light and halogen: The question might arise that how LED flood light is different from or better than the Halogen light. The later had a swaying market value and the demand was soaring high with respect to wider beam area coverage. The sole reason behind LED lights giving a tough competition to halogen is the environment friendliness. Halogen lights emit the gas carbon dioxide which is a threat to life and environment, whereas the LED lights are completely environment friendly. Thus, LED lights keeps in bay the issue of Global warming. Adding to this would be the longer durability of LED lights. They last much longer than halogen lights, sometimes as long as 20 years and also consume less energy compared to halogen lights. Also, there is no UV or IR radiation being emitted from the LED lights, unlike Halogen lights. Areas where power fluctuation is a big persisting issue, LED flood light are a boon to them. They provide excellent lighting and at a much lesser cost and maintenance, killing away the darkness, that’s a huge challenge in such areas.
  • Building a LED Flood light: A LED flood light can be made using a cluster of LED bulbs encased within a halogen light metal case cover. These arrays of LEDs are controlled using a RGB controller. The circuit is quite easy designed with the purpose of consuming less power and emitting brighter light. Power consumption in LED flood light may vary from 10W to 250 W and above.

Hope you like above mentioned information. Still want to know more? Visit us and get more idea.

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