LED High bay lighting- A Large Scale Lighting Solution.

High Bay lighting can be found on the ceilings of large box commercial spaces such as supermarkets, warehouses and industrial shop floors. These buildings utilize a skeletal framework in their construction. This enclosed subspace in the framework is what constitutes a ‘bay’. High bay and low bay lighting systems cater to illumination needs of such large establishments as they are able to focus light on to large areas, thus achieving greater illumination.

Bay lights are distinguished by the height of the ceiling relative to the floor. A height of 25 feet and above the floor is classified as high bay and less than 25 feet constitutes as low bay. These lights are available in a variety of fixture specifications and bulb types.

HID high bay lamps (High Intensity Discharge lamps- sodium vapor, mercury vapor, metal halide lamps and other gas discharge lamps) offer greater brightness but are rapidly becoming obsolete. TH50, T5 and T8 fixtures use high reflective surfaces to dissipate light to large areas and offer greater brightness per unit wattage of power consumed. They can be 50% more energy efficient than HID lights. LED high bay lights are paving the way as businesses move towards more sustainable and cost effective solutions to meet the ever rising energy demands.

It is known that LEDs are more efficient than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. They convert 80% of the energy input into light energy. Incandescent bulbs convert 20% of input energy into light. Also, the bulbs heat and add to the cost of cooling. Fluorescent bulbs, although more efficient than incandescent bulbs have 50-60% energy efficiency. LEDs can therefore bring down the carbon dioxide emissions of an organization and thus reduce the overall contribution to environmental pollution.

Another advantage of LED high bay lighting is that they last three times longer than conventional HID lights. Lights made from LEDs can last up to 60000 hours, whereas HID lights have an average life of 20000 hours. On the other hand, Incandescent bulbs last only for 1200 hours. Also, they do not dim down or burn out as much HID lights over a period of operation (20% better than HIDs). LED bay lighting switch on almost instantly, whereas HID lights can take up to 4 minutes for starting and may take up to 10 minutes to restart after shut off. Hence, owing to long life and lower operational cost, LED high bay lights cut down on the initial installation and maintenance cost. Thus, LED high bay lighting is a far better option in the market compared to the regular lighting systems as they are light on your pocket, efficient and durable.

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