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LED High Bay Lighting Pack More Punch for Your Dollar

LED high bay lighting is fast finding favor for illuminating high ceilinged, large areas like warehouses and stadiums. These lights provide a powerful spread of light on the area below for increasing safety and eliminating any dark areas. They also offer many advantages over traditional lighting methods like fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. Let’s see why LEDs are best suited for high bay lighting:

Output can be Electronically Controlled

A large space like a warehouse has a large number of LED high bay lights. Their light output and switching times can be easily controlled by computer or a lighting panel. The lamps can be dimmed when more ambient light is available and brightened during the night hours. This can save additional energy and help pay back the cost of investment faster.

LEDs are energy efficient

LEDs emit more lumens of light per watt of electricity used in comparison to fluorescent and incandescent lamps. They are made from environmentally safer materials, unlike fluorescent lamps which contain traces of mercury.

Longer Operating Life and Durability

LEDs do not depend on filaments like conventional LED lamps, so they offer about eight times more operating hours. This means LED high bay lights do not have to go through frequent maintenance to replace nonfunctional lamps. The construction of LED High Bay lights is also much more durable than that of fluorescent or incandescent lamps, so they do not get damaged easily by a knock. Both these factors bring down maintenance costs considerably.

Less Waste Heat

LED High Bay lights are more efficient in converting electricity to light unlike fluorescent and incandescent lamps, which use give off 80% and 90% energy as waste heat respectively. By using LED high bay lighting, buildings can have cooler interior temperatures. Climate controlled spaces can save on air conditioning bills as well.

Flickering and Warm up Time is Eliminated

LED High Bay Lights do not flicker when turned on unlike fluorescent lamps. They also do not require any warming up period, unlike traditional High intensity Discharge (HID) Lights take time to warm up to provide full output.

More Workplace Safety

As LED high bay lights are compact and require fewer replacements than other types of lamps, the chances of an industrial accident are reduced. Industrial accidents may occur when the lamps are replaced or overhauled. Accidents may also occur due to reduced illumination caused by light failure.

Wide Variety of Form Factors

As LED clusters are used to produce light beams, the LED light designs can be customized for a variety of applications. They can be manufactured in linear, round and rectangular shapes. The color temperature can be pre-ordered to the customer’s preference for warm or cool lighting. Rooms with false ceilings can use recessed downlights while truss roofed buildings can use suspension pendant lights.

With great customizability, long operating life and high energy efficiency, LED high bay lights are quickly becoming the fixture of choice for high ceiling spaces. Though their initial purchase cost can be high, savings in energy bills and reduced maintenance costs, ensure that the initial investment is quickly paid back over the lifetime of the product.

AlconLighting.com is an online store which specializes in LED light bulbs, high bay lighting, suspended linear fixtures, floodlights, wall packs, electrical floor boxes, dimmers, sensors and much more for residential and commercial lighting applications. For more details how is led lighting different than other light sources, visit Energystar.gov.

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