LED Lighting Stage Fixtures: The Contemporary Stage Equipment

LED Lighting Stage Fixtures: The Contemporary Stage Equipment

Today most auditoriums, theaters and stages utilize LED lighting stage fixtures to achieve a vibrant and vivacious stage for concerts and live performances. This is considered as a breakthrough in lighting systems. Through this, entertainment has moved to a higher level. By that, it means that performances became more captivating, mesmerizing and ecstatic. That is all because of a few lightning manipulations, only applicable with LED lighting technology.

What makes LED lighting system the top stage equipment?

First and foremost, LED lighting system can handle multi-color LED bulbs allowing color mixing. During shows, one can easily control these lights’ outputs through DMX. In addition, these lights can be intensified or dimmed to provide a more dramatic effect without additional equipments such as dimmers. Thus, making LED lighting stage fixtures very handy and highly functional light system.

Another reason to opt for this lighting system is the fact that it utilizes low electricity and produces low heat output. With that, production expenditures are decreased. Furthermore, due to its low power consumption, other equipments can be linked to its power supply without causing power overload.

And finally are the LED bulbs. Among the long lists of bulbs marketed today, LED bulbs have the longest lifespan. It can last for as long as 6,000 hours of usage. As for disposing the bulbs, it is free of mercury making it non-hazardous to the health and environment.

The downside of using LED lighting system

LED lighting stage fixtures is a good option for stage lighting. However, this equipment is far from being the perfect lighting system. One problem incurred with the LED lightning system is the inability to create beams like a spotlight. This is due to the use of tri-color LED bulbs that create shadow edges. This problem can be resolved by using a device that can group these three into one lens resulting to less visible shadows.

Another incurred problem is the luminosity. Traditional incandescent stage lights have brighter outputs compared to LED lighting system. This is because LED’s light spectrum is within the cold blue range while incandescent lamps produce warm yellow spectrums.

And, last is the price. LED lighting systems are expensive. Most high quality LED lights costs $300 to $1,000 or more. In connection to this factor, a stage needs several lights to create a full effect. However, when it comes to electric bills, it would definitely cost you less.


Basing your decision from the pros and the cons, the advantages would win the battle if you’re opting for a vibrant and remarkable stage view recommended in most musicians’ concerts. This may cost you more. But, in the long run, power consumption is not that much and audiences would definitely enjoy the night’s events. On the other hand, if you have a tight budget and dramatic light effects are not imperative; opting for a traditional lighting system is not a bad road to take. The bottom line is LED lighting stage fixtures may be today’s top lighting system but if it is not necessary, you can opt for the lighting system appropriate for your production needs.