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LED Lighting – The Ideal Choice for your Commercial Lighting Applications

LED lights offer an excellent option for both residential and commercial lighting purposes. These light sources offer several advantages over conventional lighting sources such as electrical filament/incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes. The adoption of LED lighting technology has been necessitated by the steady rise in energy costs over the years, which motivated researchers to come up with more energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting technologies.

Why LED Lighting is the Better Option?

1. Cost Effectiveness: The low initial cost of fluorescent lighting tubes and incandescent light bulbs, as compared to LED lights, might deceive consumers into believing that LEDs are more expensive. However, LED lights offer longer operating life, are more durable, and consume less energy – meaning lower energy costs and fewer replacements. In the long term, LED lights offer more value for money.

2. Environmentally Friendly: The trace amounts of mercury contained in fluorescent lighting tubes has been a cause for concern for many a consumer. Improper disposal of these tubes poses serious health and environmental risks, especially if the toxic materials used in manufacturing them is inhaled or ingested. LED lights don’t contain any toxic materials, making LED technology safer for both home and commercial lighting application.

3. Variety: LED lights are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colour profiles, and configuration. As such, it is very easy to find the ideal LED lighting solution for your various needs and purposes.

4. Weatherproof: LED lighting and fixtures are designed to withstand all manner of weather conditions. As such, they can be installed in any environment – regardless of the humidity levels, scorching heat or low temperatures. This makes LED lights ideal for applications requiring constant lighting such as traffic signals.

5. Flexibility: LEDs are highly adaptable, owing to the wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and configurations available. Hence, they can be used for multiple applications for residential and commercial LED lighting in Melbourne. Some of the common applications include flood lights, top post lighting, panel lighting, roadway/ street lighting, landscape lighting, sign lighting, tunnel lighting, etc. LED lights are especially useful in factories and construction sites that require powerful, but energy-efficient light sources to illuminate large areas for a prolonged period.

6. Low Maintenance: LED lights last up to 6 times longer than conventional fluorescent tubes, and many times over other lighting sources. As a result, installing LEDs in your facility reduces the number of replacement times, saving you time and resources that would otherwise be wasted on routine maintenance.

7. Better Illumination: LED lights offer better illumination owing to the high-quality white light that they emit. Therefore, consumers are able to light up much larger areas, as compared to other light sources of a similar rating.

8. Longer Life: LED lights have a significantly longer operational life, compared to other lighting options. Typically, LED lighting can last up to 60,000 hours – compared to 10,000 hours for fluorescent lights, or the measly 800 to 1500 hours for incandescent lights.

9. Silent Operation: LED lights operate silently, regardless of the number of hours that they are in use. This is unlike fluorescent light tubes, which emit an annoying low buzzing sound when in use.

10. Energy Efficient: Fluorescent lights were introduced as a remedy to the high energy consumption of incandescent bulbs and other traditional light sources. However, the power consumption of fluorescent tubes is still very high. LEDs offer the best results when it comes to energy efficiency.

Experts such as ESIC Lighting can attest to the steady increase in the use of LED lights, due to superior performance, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and long term savings.

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