Leg Circulation Massager Machines

Leg circulation massager machines are becoming more popular all the time mostly due to how well they alleviate pain and relieve stress at the same time and the best part is that they do it quickly. Anyone who has used one will want one, especially if they have poor circulation and swelling in the legs and feet.

Granted, there are some people who simply enjoy a leg and foot massager now and then and only have minimal aches and pains.To them it’s just a fun cool massage gadget that brings them pleasure and helps them relax at the end of a long hard day.

Whether you want a leg massaging machine or need one many people end up not being able to do without it. The problem is that you can’t find anything or anyone that can replace them. People wear out on you and quit, but the leg massager never quits unless it breaks, which is why its nice to have a back up.

There are three basic types of leg circulation massager machines. The first type is the shiatsu leg massager that provides deep kneading massage that goes deep into the muscle, which can take some getting used to at first. Many of them come with reflexology technology for the feet and other programming features for you to choose from.

Then there is air compression massage boots sometimes called circulation leg wraps. The massaging is done by air compression that gently massages legs and feet by inflating and deflating. There is no deep penetrating massage, so it feels totally different than the shiatsu massage;more relaxed and soothing.

The third type of leg circulation massager machine is the circulation booster. This is a high tech gadget that massages by the use of electrodes and is in the electrical muscle stimulator family also known as EMS. The main contact is in the feet, however, there are separate electrodes that can be placed on the legs or anywhere on the body that stimulate and improve circulation.

I have both the shiatsu foot leg massager and circulation leg wraps, but have not, as yet, jumped on the circulation booster band wagon. I have found that sometimes legs need a deep penetrating massage and at other times you just feel like at the end of a stressful day a relaxing leg massage works better to relieve tension and anxiety.

Both the circulation booster and shiatsu leg massagers are in the $200 price range and up. Circulation leg wraps or air compression massage boots are in the $100 price range or lower depending on brand.

Each one of these leg circulation massager machines can get the job done it’s mostly a matter of preference.