Lello 4070 Vs 4090: Comparing the 4070 & 4090

4070 or 4090 – Which is Better for You?

Here, we will be comparing two high quality yet very similar ice cream making appliances from Lello, 4070 Vs 4090 (the gelato vs gelato pro) through providing you with a brief review of each model and then going on to pin point the significant differences between the two ice cream makers to allow you to make a decision on which best suits your desert tasting preferences and ice cream making desires.

Lello 4070 Gelato Junior Review

Integrated Technology

The Lello 4070 is an excellent ice cream machine with a built-in compressor freezer that can be used continuously. It even shuts off automatically after use saving you energy in the long run. The continuous motor enables you to make ice cream in different flavors without waiting or any delay.

Aspects and Features

A timer installed in the 4070 alerts you with a loud beep after the time has elapsed. However the timer does not interfere in the functioning of the machine or the blade. The removable bowl makes cleaning as easy as possible. You can also keep several buckets for different flavors of ice cream that you might make at a time. An ingredient chute makes it possible to slip in various additional ingredients for being added to your ice cream including nuts and fruits to make your ice cream even more delicious.

The auto shut off feature also acts as a safety mechanism that prevents the motor from getting damaged due to continuous operation. In case the blade gets stuck there will be a warning beep that will alert you immediately. This machine is very versatile and you can make a lot of frozen drinks and chilled soups. You can also make frozen slushes, fat-free iced milk, sorbettos and many different kinds of sorbets.

Additional Specifications

The machine measures 11 x 14 x 12.2 inches and weighs 33 pounds. It comes with a detailed recipe book and an ice cream scoop.

Lello 4090 Gelato Pro Ice-Cream Maker Review

Integrated Technology

The Lello 4090 is an automatic ice cream machine with a self contained freezing unit and shuts off as soon as the gelato is finished. It has a powerful 1/3 horsepower motor which makes it effortless to easily mix ingredients together. Even when the ice cream mixture is solid as ice the motor will not stop.

Aspects and Features

The Lello 4090 makes 2 quarts of ice cream in just 45 minutes with its efficient and heavy duty motor. This is enough for a small family or a small gathering of guests. The built in timer automatically shuts off the motor when the gelato is ready to eat saving you a lot of energy in the long run. The gelato stays frozen till the time that it is taken out from the machine. The machine also has a slim ingredient spout, a small window through which you can insert chopped fruits, liquid ingredients, nuts, chocolate bits and other things into the ice cream mixture.

Additional Specifications

The Lello 4090 has dimensions of 15 x 11 x 13 inches and weighs 43 pounds upon shipment. The package comes with a removable bowl, safety lid and a paddle attachment.

What is the Difference between the Lello 4070 and the Lello 4090?

The 4090 has retained most of the useful features of the Lello 4070. Besides the bowl of the 4090 is larger in capacity at 2 quarts while the 4070 has a bowl with a capacity of 1 quart. The Lello 4090 also has an extremely powerful motor with 1/3 horsepower and which makes the machine take less time while making ice cream. Other than the improvements both machines look the same in appearance and also have the same auto shut off feature and removable bowl.

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