Lending a Helping Hand

Help is a MUST, not a MAYBE!

Greed has become part of our lives since we were born. Not all of us but majority of us. In the world full of temptations, lust and sins, some of us could not comprehend the evil that exist around us and soon be part of it. Perhaps the power of greed could one day help you accomplish something that you always wanted. Such as a luxurious sports car? A mansion? Or even a private jet? Greed does has its own benefits but also it could hurt those around you, especially your friends and family members. I have seen those who are filled with greed until the point where he is willing to kill his own father just to get his properties before passing down to his other sons and daughters. With greediness clouding someone’s judgement, no one could tell what he would do to achieve anything he wants. Fortunately, we were born also a good side within us. That is why a Chinese philosopher once said “each one of us has yin and yang in us”. Yin and yang represent principle of good and evil that we have in ourselves. Yin is the one with the bright and good side while yang is the one who conquers all evil. These two exists creates balance within this world.

It is understandable that we could not be a God and we have sin so much that we even get used to it but we must always discipline ourselves to do something good every day. Such good deed that we must have in each of ourselves to have a better world is to HELP those in need. Lending a helping hand can brighten someone’s face or mood! Furthermore, helping someone could also strengthen the bond between individuals and get to know that person better. A person who is desperate for help would end up doing something evil just because we ignored and decline to help him. Such examples are those who became theft, I bet they wouldn’t want to become a theft for pleasure or for the fun of it, instead they needed some money or cash to provide food for themselves or their families. We could prevent all these if we could just lend a helping hand to them, provide them with fresh clothes, small cash and help them to find a work! These people probably did think about finding a job, but because of their attire and maybe messy outlook had lower down their confidence. We should always help people like them if we were given a chance. Doing this is also for the best of our community.

Moreover, help does not necessarily helping someone physically, it could also be mentally and through Internet. In this advanced world that we lived in, help varies from time to time. What I meant by that is we could be helping someone to earn more by clicking ads from their blog to writing articles on ways to overcome this and that. For all the helping that we can do for others, we will be getting back the help needed when we are in trouble or in need in the future. Helping people does not bring any negative impacts in someone or other people lives, it just brings more positivity and a better surrounding for our country and world.

In conclusion, we should always be ready to help those in need and help would come when we need them. Karma do exist in this society. Just be careful on who and why are you helping them. If it is for your greed then there will always be people who have the power to take and strip off everything you have.