Lenovo One Key Recovery Solution_Problems and Solutions

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Lenovo has one great feature in there Laptops like Lenovo g560 and Lenovo Y560 and other models known as One key Recovery Solution or more commonly OneKey Rescue System whose basic function is to retrieve lost data at the touch of a button.

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This function is really a good function like at the touch of the button it can really retrieve your data and if anything goes wrong then the computer can be restored to the Initial factory state at the touch of button formating and reinstalling every programme and feature which was initially present in the laptop at the time of the purchase.
Now the problem comes when you decide to partition the Hard disk drive. At the Instant you partition your hard disk the link between the OneKey Rescue Programme and the Software gets lost and you can well not be able to use this feature any longer and you have to use the Recovery Disk.
If you haven’t burned the recovery disk then what do you do or for that matter you lost your recovery disk or they got scratched then What?You have to run to the Service Center and Pay them the Service Charge


Solution- You can just go to your friend who used to have the same laptop model having same version of Windows Installed in it and borrow his recovery disk to Reinstall your Laptop.Voilla and everything is back again and now your1. Rescue Key is working back again2.You can make your recovery disk again using your laptopand you definitely saved a lot of trouble time and money there
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