Lesson Learned at 40

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Almost like the first time you ride a bike we are constantly realizing new things we can do. It is amazing how much we continue to learn as we get older. I feel blessed to finally understand that we are all connected and as we allow God to guide our lives, He will show us how small the world really is. Ever see this or noticed you end up at location only to find you were meant to be there. This happens to me all the time and when I am in the ”moment of realization” my purpose is confirmed. We all have times when we wonder what is the purpose, I would encourage us to ask this everyday and be receptive to the answer. You may have just made someone’s day and not even known it, you may have inspired them with a compliment, you may have introduced them to a person who they were meant to meet but without you it may not have happened.

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Now at 41, life is more fascinating and purposeful than ever. I thank God everyday for what I have; it may not be much to others but it is the beginning of my blessings and as I appreciate those in my life unconditionally, appreciate my job for the opportunity to help others, and learn to feel the fear and do what my intuition tells me-life will be all that I’ve dreamed.

Just as a parent doesn’t want to give to children who don’t appreciate, the Lord doesn’t want to give to us when we have shown disrespect or lack of apprecaition to what He has blessed us with to date. So, this Thanksgiving be sure to Thank God for what you do have. I will be thanking God for my boyfriend and the wisdom that my relationship is what I make of it-I am a key player. I will thank God for my children and the wonderful young men they are, my family and friends and much more.

Wow, what a wake up call it was to learn that I too am a child of God and I am no different than my children when they feel entitled to whatever they want. The relationship we have with our Father needs to be one of respect, love, and also appreciation. This life is a gift and we must treasure it, live it, and fulfill our purpose in it! Do you know what your purpose is? Have you discovered what your God-given talents are? I can tell you it is something you already do and when you do it you are at your best-connected to the source, you light up and others around you know when you have tapped your talent. Go be the vessel you were meant to be and live your purpose.

Now, I will thank you for reading my blog and hope you enjoyed it! If you did please like it and share it with someone who may appreciate the message.

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Lesson Learned at 40, Seekyt
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