Lessons in learning Mathematics

Solutions to the Struggles in studying Math

In the elementary and high school levels, math is the most difficult subject to learn. A student would be scared to death when the teacher would call him and order him to answer the math problems written on the chalkboard. It would be humiliating if he cannot even write a decent answer as he goes back to his armchair and see his classmates staring at him. In math classes, a student would always be left around wondering how the teacher solved a particular problem. When the teacher would ask the students if they really understand the lesson, most of them would say yes even if they do not. They are having a hard time figuring out the math computations. In addition to this, students are shy to admit that they don’t know the lesson well for fear of being called dumb by their fellow classmates. At home, reviewing math subject lessons are also hard to comprehend. It would take countless hours to solve mathematical problems.

All of these lead the students to think why is math so hard to learn. Well, math has its own language. It has its own set of symbols and formulas compared to other subjects of learning in school. It is also based on logic. It is very important to learn all the basic steps first before going to the more complex ones. For example, in the multiplication lessons, students should be sure that they have fully understand the basic principles of addition and subtraction. If they don’t understand addition and subtraction principles very well, they would also have a hard time learning the basics of multiplication. Likewise, this is also the case when first learning about addition where there must be a good foundation on the basic order of counting numbers. Here are some tips on how a student can improve his skills in learning Math.

Go for Good Quality Math Books

The best way to learn Mathematics is to buy high quality math books from the nearest bookstore. Most of the books that are used in school are cheap but low quality books. Be sure to buy mathematics book that have lots of exercises in it. It is also important that there are solutions to the exercises at the back of the book. The books that are used in school usually only have around 2 examples per topic. In the low quality books, the problem exercises also do not have solutions for the student to compare his answers to. The more there are examples in the book, the better it is for the students since they would learn more. Students will not learn that much if they do not know the methodologies on how to arrive at a correct answer.

Patience is Key

Like any problems, a student should be patient. They should not expect to have answers to all the math problems at once. It is like playing chess. A player who keeps on moving the chess pieces without thinking and analyzing the opponent’s position would definitely lose. The same is true in learning mathematics. It would take a lot of hours and days to memorize and understand the lessons taught. As a student gains more experience, he will now have strategies and tactics on how to solve a particular problem.