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Let’s Drop-in at World’s Top Six Restaurants!

According to the latest, world’s best 50 restaurant rankings have been shuffled to unveil the unexpected. Noma has taken back its prestigious position, stands above all for its unique taste, spices and flavors once again after three years. The voting was conducted by 900 industry chefs, experts and nutritionists to establish another record for this year, 2014.

Noma – Cophengan

With amazing starters and mouthwatering cuisines, Noma has taken over the crown again, pushing back its Spanish rival, El Celler de Can Roca at the back foot after years of consistent improvement and persistence over winning the crown for the best restaurant 2014.

Mr Redzepi – Head Chef at Noma said: ‘We didn’t expect it at all; we thought we had had our moment on this list. I know that for the team, this is the biggest moment”.

Alinea – Chicago

Alinea in Chicago has topped world’s best ten-restaurant ranking. It is renowned for its deconstruction and construction of new dishes, turning them into great taste and flavor. It has three Michelin Stars, owned and run by Grant Achatz. For its unique taste and flavor, people from different corners travel to Chicago to peep in at Alinea to taste something unique.

La Serre – Dubai
Elegantly framed in a beautifully designed two-story glass façade, La Serre is among the best romantic restaurants in Dubai, UAE and across the globe. On the ground floor, it consists of a Parisian Boulangerie and a Bistro at first floor. With early morning breakfast to brunches, from lunches to evening dinners, La Serra is one of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai, offering unique ambiance and environment to its customers.

From Mediterranean menu to finely cooked breakfast deals and mixed cocktails, you’ll enjoy the true sense of dining experience.

Izu at La Serre, ‘The food shall embody the culture it represents, the idea being, that if you go back to the roots of the product, you will understand the direction to take it’

The Ledbury Restaurant – Notting Hill

Although The Ledbury Restaurant is French oriented, The Ledbury Restaurant in Notting Hill is inclined to serve more of Australian and Pacific Rim taste, styles and recipes. Brett Graham, a head chef at The Ledbury looks after its exceptional ambiance, taste and flavors that are served in the best cafe in Dubai. Its consistent maintenance of state of art cuisines and recipes since 2005 made it won two Michelin Stars and other cooking awards etc. Although the restaurant’s style is mainly modern French, Graham also uses his influences from the UK and the Pacific Rim.

Arzak – San Sebastian

Arzak is renowned for its traditional Basque cooking, recipes and ingredients, while famous for its state of art cooking and dressing techniques. Opened since 1897, Juan Mari has added a new zest with new scientific approach to cooking.

Gaggan – Bangkok

Gaggan, run by Anand Gaggan in Bangkok has recently been added to the world’s top 50 restaurants. Gaggan aims to emphasize on the originality of Indian Cuisines, recipes and tastes. From a range of raitas to chutnis, from traditional nans to dosa, each culture is catered at its best.

Above discussed are a few top restaurants around the world. If you are a frequent traveler or a food freak, you can drop any of the above restaurants and enjoy the true sense of international and cultural cuisines.

Read this article to know the best of top ranking restaurants across the globe.

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