Letter of invitation to visit the U.S.

Invitation letters are often used as part of the documentation that is delivered to an American embassy or consulate when applying for a tourist visa to the United States.

It is a necessary document, but it is common because it can help the consular officer will side by granting the requested visa.

Who can write a letter of invitation

The immigration status in the United States determines who can write such documents. They can do this:

American citizens, who must certify that situation through documents such as a U.S. passport, certificate of naturalization or birth in the U.S..

Legal permanent residents, to be included with the letter a copy of your green card on both sides.

Foreigners residing legally in the U.S. because they have a visa in order must attach your original birth certificate, photocopy of all pages of your passport and, if your visa expired and was in another, also include copies of it. If the visa is expired but renewal is requested, a copy of such petition.

In addition to these documents aliens L1 or H1 visas must include your most recent Form I-797.

For immigrants who are in a position adjustment of status is recommended to send a copy of the document proving such situation such as work permit (EAD card).

Finally, keep in mind that if the request is made on behalf of a relative by marriage, such as a father or a brother, the letter must be accompanied

invitation with a photocopy of the marriage certificate of the person inviting photocopy of your passport and your husband or wife.

For example, if a U.S. citizen is married to a Mexican and wants to invite her mother to visit them in the United States on the occasion of the christening of his son should include not only proof of U.S. citizenship, but also of being married to his Mexican wife and passport copy of it.

Letter format

There is a certain way to say what has to be the card. That is, each person can write whatever you want, but using a formal language, respectful and clear. It should also:

1. Written in English. Include the date and do not forget to sign.

2. Specifically identify the person you want to invite, saying also the type of relationship that links writing the letter and beneficiaro. For example, if you are father and son, brothers or just friends.

3. Using a computer and print the document to ensure that it is understood the content of the letter.

Recipient of the letter

It is sent to the person you want to invite and not to the consulate or embassy must obtain visas.

Additional Documentation

It is recommended to send documentation proving the economic capacity of the person inviting an alien to visit the U.S. and can be one or more of the following documents:

1. Federal Tax Return for the last three years. If you do not have many years declared that take. And copies of W2. If you are a sole proprietor, submit proof of such status and corporate bank accounts.

2. Bank statements for at least the last six months. They must show some economic strength.

3. Official Letterhead of the company employing the person making the invitation and to identify the employee, since when working there, your salary and if your contract is temporary or not.

4. Letter on official bank which tell you when the account was opened in an office, how much money was deposited in the previous year and the balance at the moment.

You can also include a letter to the consulate that has to process the visa and the applicant will be given the same when you go to the consular post.

Tips to consider

Citizens of countries that do not need a tourist visa to enter the United States to be covered by the Visa Waiver Program obviously do not need this type of invitation because they require a visa.

If a person invites parents to visit the United States and those parents have more children in the U.S., will also credited the legal status of all children living in the country and not just the son of extending the invitation.