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LG G5 will come with Bendable Display

Time to make resolutions for a new flagship handset, that’s what LG has been doing for couple months now. Even though the next flagship device is going to be the LG G4; yet there are news regarding a bigger and better LG G5 on the web already. The smartphone is most likely to have a bendable display – not one that accidentally collapses under pressure but one that’s intentionally built like that! Since LG was one of the first companies to introduce curved displays with their LG G Flex, such endeavor goes well with them and people would actually put their trust on LG if the G5 comes out this way. And by the way, LG G Flex 2 might be another upcoming iteration of the LG G Flex alongside the flagship LG G5 in 2016.

Surprise in 2016 Flagships
2015 is already towards the halfway and there aren’t really plenty of rooms to set up new surprises. However, LG G4 isn’t going to be a dull smartphone, you will have lot of features to go high over. But we are talking about a year even ahead which naturally would bring more surprise to your reach. The display is one of them, how about a smartphone that can bend its display to suit your needs? Awesome indeed, and less prone to breakage as well! Smartphone experience would never be the same when the display is more flexible than ever.

Apart from the display, the surprise is going to spread over the design and performance as well – like everyone would know. The LG G4 design is mostly like the LG G3 design; as much we have seen on the internet leaks. Apparently the LG G5 is going to bring few changes in the button layout; the volume rockers will still remain in the rear panel but they won’t be placed horizontally but vertically, on both sides of the camera lens.

While shopping for a smartphone these days, the second most important feature after configuration that is judged is how well the camera performs. In terms of megapixels, we believe the new processor and GPU would be powerful enough to allow a camera above 20 megapixels to be onboard. Pixel size might get a facelift to provide sharper images and better shots in low light; alongside a higher aperture setting. To make selfieseasier to capture, there might be a front camera LED flash as well.

Hardware Configuration
By 2016 prior to LG G5 release, Qualcomm would probably have made the Snapdragon 808 processor. We expect a RAM chip no less than 4 GB and storage capacity of 256 GB at most. However, these are still in the assumption phase and no real data has been found on the internet so far.
Release Date
The Mobile World Congress is LG’s showing off ceremony for new smartphones; even though MWC 2015 didn’t showcase the LG G4. LG G4 is set to release on April 28th; and we expect the same timeline for LG G5.

Even though there aren’t plenty of resources on the LG G5 yet – but they will start showing up soon. To catch the latest updates, don’t forget to keep an eye on us.

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