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Liberate Your Computer from Email Virus

Nowadays you can find many forums asking ‘how to get rid of email viruses. This virus is prevalent these days and more and more people are getting affected by it on daily basis.

Everyday users of computer make sure that they stay protected from online viruses and other malicious content that can decrease the speed of system.

Understand e-mail virus

It is a virus that enters a system through attached file in an e-mail. When a person opens that file without scanning the attachment, it begins to affect the efficiency of a computer and impedes the whole browsing experience.

It is also called as mass mailing worms which transmits infection through email attachments. Such viruses processes many harmful contents and create inconvenience for the user while using computer.

How it spreads?

This type of virus is created by a hacker who uploads it on the internet and transmits to everyone. So, when a person opens that email message will get affected with the malicious content it contains.

Generally, people don’t realize that a normal attachment can contain maximum viruses which can become harmful for the health of computer. Such emails come from a known contact and possibly they are also affected with the same virus. It is an unknown virus which is spread without the consent of the user.

When you open an infected attachment, the complete email client gets affected and starts sending virus to other contacts in the list of the user. This is how it spreads at a greater rate and seldom, it is considered as incurable.

Harmful effects of email virus:

  • It can change the homepage settings automatically without informing the user
  • Monitors web-browsing and ultimately leads to identity-theft
  • Pops up advertisements whenever a user browse on the internet
  • Affects the speed of the browser and computer as well
  • Blocks access to security websites

Ways to avoid Email virus:

  • Be cautious while opening email attachments:

This kind of virus is spread through email attachments so be cautious while opening email attachments. It might contain malicious content which is not good for the health of computer. Though there are many email clients that remove such viruses or don’t open mails that contain malicious content. If you receive an email attachment from unknown sender then consider mailing back and ask sender about the attachment as what is contains and all, then only open the attachment.

  • Install reputed antivirus program:

To avoid the harmful effects of such emails or email attachments, consider downloading an anti-virus on the system which encompasses the feature to scan emails. The best protection that you can give to your system is by using anti-virus program and scan it on the whole computer regularly to fix all such errors. Anti-viruses scan the email messages both incoming and outgoing and prevents the user from the harmful effects.

  • Check compressed files content with antivirus program:

Another way of transmitting malicious content is through compressing the email attachments into other file types such as zip or rar. Some of the antivirus programs scan such files the very moment they arrive and but some of them doesn’t. So, it’s better not take any chance and save the compressed folder and scan it through the anti-virus and if it clears no virus test then open it.

  • Be wary of landing pages:

Most of the time you get email which contains phishing links and demands to be clicked and it lands you to another page. Often emails that contain links could impose threat on the computer and user’s personal information. Beware of such links in email and take decisive actions whether to open link or not.

  • Take Online PC support:

If manual help has become useless, then it’s time to seek for some professional help. Go for online PC support as they possess expert and skilled people who can easily fix such bugs in seconds. Online technicians have the ability and knowledge to remove email viruses and let the user enjoy browsing.

Though email virus seems like a small problem but the after-effects could be really hazardous, so it’s better to fix at first rather waiting till the last stage.

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