News Light Lunch at Togo Coffee Lounge on Bethel Street...

Light Lunch at Togo Coffee Lounge on Bethel Street in Brighouse


Light Lunch at Togo Coffee Lounge on Bethel Street in Brighouse


Togo Coffee House, 8A Bethel Street, Brighouse, West Yorkshire, HD6 1JN.

Initial Impressions

The Togo Coffee House is a small coffee shop located in the centre of Brighouse. The venue has no parking attached to the place, although there is street parking to the front on Bethel Street and a nearby car park. The coffee shop may be entered either from Bethel Street, although there is also a door to the rear.

There are a number of tables and chairs outside to the front on a patio area raised above street level, as well as a number of tables of varying heights inside the cafe itself.

The place serves a variety of light food, including baked potatoes, sandwiches, toasties, paninis, wraps, all with a selection of fillings, and a salad bar, as well as a selection of cakes and pastries.

The place was visited on a Thursday lunchtime. As the weather was fine, several of the tables outside at the front were occupied, and there were also a number of customers inside.

Once entering, you find a table before going to the counter to place and pay for any food and drinks to be ordered, although both are brought to the table. There is also a substantial display of cakes and pastries inside the counter itself. The actual cakes available may vary.

The Food

A ham, mozzarella, mushroom and pepper panini was ordered, along with a Coca Cola. The panini was served in just a few minutes, and contained plenty of the fillings. The pepper was sliced red, yellow and green pepper. The panini was nice, and had been cooked properly.

Served on the plate along with panini, and also with the other sandwiches on the menu, there was also a small handful of crisps and a fairly substantial salad garnish consisting in the majority of lettuce with sliced tomato and cucumber.

The Coca Cola was a standard 500ml plastic bottle, chilled and served with a glass. The Coke was fine, and the markup wasn’t excessive.

My Opinion

The cost of the panini and drink together was £4.75, which was quite reasonable, probably lower than the average. If visiting by yourself, the need to go to the counter to order your food or drinks, leaving your table, was a bit inconvenient, although it was small enough that it was easy to see your table if anything was left on it to reserve it whilst ordering.

Overall, the meal was good value for money, and was quite nice. 3/5.

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Light Lunch at Togo Coffee Lounge on Bethel Street in Brighouse
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