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Lighting Tips for Rustic Decor

With the rapid pace of the present day life and so many hubbubs, it is your home that offers you some peace of mind. Therefore, it is very essential that the interiors of your house provides you some tranquility. This is where rustic décor comes to the rescue. Make your house homely by giving it that comfy country feel. To achieve this, you do not have to hang animal trophies over your hearth or keep a live animal in your backyard. All you need to do is mount some lighting and add décor that suits your rural interiors and you are all set. Adding wooden light fixtures, lantern style fittings or cast iron lights can make your house give that country feel.

Huge lighting manufacturers have realized the demand of rustic lighting and brought out separate ranges for the same. These light fittings are not only exquisite in themselves, but with their soft glow, they can make the entire ambience extremely warm, serene and very inviting. But in addition to buying new light fixtures, you can also invest time in some DIY ideas and give your house a country aura without spending too much money.

Ideas for rustic lighting

Rustic lighting is more like the soft glow of candle light and therefore it is essential that is how your house is illuminated if you want rustic décor. Having a bright light in bathrooms and kitchens is unavoidable because you need proper brightness for both grooming and cooking. However, you can tone down lights in other areas for better relaxation. To achieve this, you can replace all the white and beige shades in your house with deep oranges, reds and yellows. You can do this with both portable lamps and wall mounted ones, but this will work best if you replace the shades of all the ceiling fixtures, including the lights on the ceiling fan. To create a sense of authenticity, it is also advisable that you place some real candles in the room.

Interiors to match that look

You can complement the lights by purchasing some suitable furniture to complete that rustic look. Plastic and steel products will look out of place in a room with countryside feel, whereas cast iron and wood will fit perfectly in such setting. You can purchase these items from a high end store as well as from a flea market, depending upon your budget. Throwing an old rug or adding a hand-made item can also add to the rustic appeal of the room.

Put some folk art pieces on the wall or use old lanterns and wire baskets to add rustic charm to your house. But do not forget that the interiors of your house can never be complete without proper light fixtures.

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