Like Twitter and (or Facebook)? – What if you could get PAID for using a site like it?

Like Twitter (or Facebook)?

Twitter is a great idea market place, and there’s honestly no reason not to use it. But still, as Facebook replaced Myspace, something will have to replace it, eventually…. I’ve written about one site similar to Twitter before, namely Hubski, but what if you could get paid simply for Tweeting (Well it’s a different site, sadly) off your fancy smanshy Iphone. That’s where Tsu comes in.

What is Tsu? is a website like Twitter (Others say it’s closer to Facebook, but I’d say if anything it’s between the two.. Kinda like Google+ (Abandoned)). It incorporates both Followers and Friends into it’s mixture. So basically they share their ad profits with you. You can make cash simply by posting, commenting,#ing etc. You also need to be invited to join, and their refferal deal is pretty sweet- you get 50% of the person you invited’s profit. In other words, the only way to join to be invited by another person.


Let’s be honest

Your not going to get rich by posting some pictures of you and your friends hanging out, but you will make a good 1-5$ a day, if you’re active. In my opinion at least, it’s worth getting paid a bit extra just for doing something you do everyday – kinda like being a food or television critic – only you wont expirince the bad food or the bad television which those poor critics have to go through. (I’m looking at you Gordon Ramsy)

The picture above says it well 😉

Want to sign up? Sign up here 😉 (Dont try bypassing my ref code, it’s required to sign up)-