Link building with Qondio

As every webmaster should know website promotion requires getting other sites to link back to yours. Even Google recommends finding ways to have high quality sites link to yours (as long as you’re not using “link schemes”. So how do you get sites to link to yours, especially relevant sites that might view that as competition? One way is to write articles for some of the more popular web 2.0 sites. Today I’m going to write about using Qondio Intels for SEO. Likely one of your questions is: What makes Qondio different than other article sites? Does Google count them as one of the “content farm” sites? What features should I use to get the most out of the site?

What makes Qondio different than other article sites?

1) First Qondio requires that you only submit articles that have not been used on other sites. You can use the article later but what’s the point? Likely Qondio will be the stronger site and most of the search engine traffic will go to that article. If you want the same information on your own site it’s best to completely rewrite the article so it can gain traffic.

2) Qondio uses a user review to check the quality of the articles. Low quality articles will get buried. While high quality articles will see a front page PR 7 link for a short while and possibly a PR5 – PR6 interior link permanently (more or less). This means that high quality articles will get very good promotion and will likely do well in the search results.

3) Qondio is set up to promote sites. With every article you get a link to your website. If you write an article based on the topic of your site you get a very related link. That coupled with the fact that Qondio has a good linking structure for the articles means that in time the article page will gain strength and will turn into a very strong link.

4) A recent addition is the “Signature Link” feature. I’ll talk more of this later but this can give your site a front page PR7 link as well as many PR 5 links.

Does Google count them as one of the “content farm” sites?

Google’s goal doesn’t seem to be just to trash content sites. They want to get rid of poorly written, copied, useless content. Content from Qondio is heavily reviewed. That means the content is original and the content that is highly promoted has gotten good user reviews. For this reason it seems unlikely that Qondio would be considered a “content farm”. Compare it to Google’s “Knol”, no doubt Google doesn’t count that as a content farm. The reason is the information is being reviewed constantly by other people and is a higher quality because of it. While Qondio works differently the results are likewise good.

What features should I use to get the most out of the site?

1) Use the signature links: This will give you strong links throughout the site as long as you are being active with some of the other features.

2) Article Recommendations: This gives you a link to your profile from each of these article pages. You profile will have links back to your sites giving you strong site links

3) Greet box Comment: Likewise gives links back to your profile

4) Screen Intel: When you screen an intel, for a short while you will have a front page PR 7 link to your website. Screen enough intel and the links will stay there for a day or so

5) Write high quality articles: This gives you points that you will use to put your site on better Qascade pages. It also will get your intel as well as your signature link listed on the front page of Qondio, this link will often last for a couple days. You will also get links on one of the country pages (usually PR5. These links will stay there for quite a while

6) Points: Use these to create permanent links on the high PR pages of the directory (Qascade)

Regular use of this site will produce very high quality (and high PR) links. While you do get some great links here, don’t devote all of your attention to any one site. There are many different Web 2.0 sites you can use like Hubpages, Squidoo, Qondio, Knol, and yes this site Seekyt to promote your sites. Write high quality articles for each site so that they will not only be picked up on by the search engines, but also enjoyed by the reader. Remember that you would like the reader to make the decision to click the link to your site after all isn’t traffic what we are really looking for, not just PR?