News LinkedIn: The Best Social Networking Site For Job Seekers...

LinkedIn: The Best Social Networking Site For Job Seekers And Recruiters


LinkedIn has proven time and time again that it is still the social networking site of choice for job seekers as well as recruiters. This is not surprising at all given the fact that majority of the site’s users are professionals, entrepreneurs and all sorts of individuals from business-related industries. Over the years, studies, surveys and researchers have been conducted as to what web 2.0 sites are most popular among job seekers and employers. Well, LinkedIn always is among those on top of the lists. If you are an entrepreneur or marketer who wishes to connect with entrepreneurs just like you, LinkedIn is the best place to go. If you want to find the most qualified applicants for a job opening in your small business or company, LinkedIn is a great place to list your call for applicants.

Just like most social networking sites, LinkedIn is free to use. All you need is a valid email address to sign up. Once you confirmed your registration, you can immediately start making use of the site and its various features. As was stated earlier, LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. Your most valuable contacts in the site aren’t friends or family members (LinkedIn is not Facebook) but other professionals who share the same interests as you. The main purpose of using LinkedIn is to connect with like-minded professionals so that you can share tips, advice, tools and resources with each other.

The most important aspect of your LinkedIn presence is the content of your profile. Keep in mind that users in LinkedIn are in the lookout for other users who share their interests. That said, you need to make sure that your profile clearly defines who you are and what you do. Fill in all the necessary details. Connect your profile with your other social networking accounts. Put a link to your blog or website or online portfolio in your profile. Sometimes, a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough to define what you do so a link to your own blog or website is very important.

LinkedIn is a very reliable place for job-hunting or worker-hunting purposes. That’s a fact. LinkedIn may not boast of the membership numbers that the top social sites out there have but what it lacks in numbers, it more than makes up to the quality of its users. LinkedIn is a niche-based social networking site. It’s a social network for marketers, entrepreneurs, creative minds, writers, freelancers, developers, etc. This is what makes the site different which in turn contributes to its success. If you are a freelance writer for example, you can make connections with other freelance writers in the site and exchange ideas about the freelancing world. You can exchange writing tips. You can help each other out in finding writing opportunities. You can even hire each other.

Whether you are a job seeker or a recruiter, joining LinkedIn is a must. You will be amazed at the many relevant connections you can make in the site.

LinkedIn: The Best Social Networking Site For Job Seekers And Recruiters
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