Lip Tattoo Ideas

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Lips, very often, are viewed as a symbol of beauty. Lip tattoos are usually used by extreme tattoo lovers and it is often is a matter of pride for the people who love body art to get themselves inked. Lip tattoos are not visible until they are deliberately shown. Lip Tattoos are currently used by women to camouflage the problematic areas of their lips. Some women use it to thicken their thin lips, while others use it to narrow their lips. Which can be done by using dark red or brown pigments and needles. These tattoos normally last between one to five years, but in some cases it is also seen that they fade away in a few months or even weeks. The worst of the lip tattoo facts is that they make eating, drinking and speaking difficult for a few days, until the tattoos heal. You should get the tattoo done from a certified tattoo artist and make sure that the parlor and the conditions to make the tattoo are clean and hygienic. This is to avoid any infection arising out of the tattoo.

  • It was mainly used to either thicken or narrow the lips by using dark red or brown pigments and needles.
  • More than 40% of the lip tattoos fade after about a year.
  • If you want to maintain your tattoos and make them look good, you will have to get them redone again.
  • People choose a single word or a very small phrase to tattoo on their lips.
  • One of the lip tattoo ideas is not to get more than four symbols tattooed on the inner lips. The reason is that they look awful after they blur.
  • Usually a lucky number, name of a loved one or a favorite word is used to make the lip tattoos.
  • The words that are tattooed on the lips are usually either very personal words or very offensive words. These are the words that people do not want to advertise in public.
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Lip Tattoo Ideas

Lip tattoos are not a recent trend, lip tattoos have been practiced since the ancient times. The origin of lip tattoos can be traced back to the times of ancient Mediterranean and African cultures. It is a primitive type of body art, which was often used by women to enhance the beauty of their lips and give it the perfect look. Lip tattoos are normally done on the inside of the lower lip, but there are people, who also get it done on the inside of the upper lip.

Lip Tattoo Ideas

There are many designs, which can be used to make lip tattoos. Ideas are many, but you will need to find the right artist to get your dream idea implemented. Inner lip tattoos are tattoos, which are not visible for public. People will see it, only when you show them your tattoo. The area is small, hence the design, which can be used to make a tattoo on the lip is small. Often people use either small designs or small words or may be even a small phrase. It is always good to choose a simple design for this area. Normally people choose black colored tattoos, due to which the tattoo artist will not have to do a lot of strokes using the tattoo machine. However, it does not mean that lip tattoos cannot be unique or meaningful. You can let your imagination flow and get a unique idea tattooed.

With the growing popularity of tattooing, people are looking forward for tattoo designs and placements that will make their tattoo stand unique in the crowd. Inner lip tattoo is one such tattoo with a very rare and unusual placement. An inner lip tattoo, as the name suggests, is carved on the inner side of the lip, generally the lower lip. Thus they are easy to hide and can be exposed completely upon the wish of the tattoo bearer. Inner lip tattoos are unique in all the aspects and hence are in vogue these days. Before knowing the design options for inner lip tattoo, let us take a look at some important facts associated with lip tattoos.

Inner Lip Tattoo

Inner lip tattoo is basically for people who want to keep their tattoo private. These days many of the employers prohibit exposed tattooing for their employees. Lip tattoos fulfill these requirements since these are almost invisible until the tattoo bearer shows them off purposefully. You need not take any type of special efforts to hide this tattoo. Thus, inner lip tattoo is the best tattoo for such people who want to have a tattoo without posing any harm to their job or career. Inner lip tattoos are considered as some of the hardest tattoos to care for. Though you do not require special efforts to hide the tattoo, you do require to take some extra tattoo care so that your tattoo lasts long. Lip tattoos tend to fade away quickly as compared to other tattoos. Thus, you may require to retouch the tattoo frequently. The lip portion being very small in size does not allow you to experiment with many tattoo designs and colors. The tattoo designs that are carved on inner lip are usually small in size with very simple design. Word tattoos are very common tattoos used for sculpting inner lip tattoo. Some words that are popular for inner lip tattooing –Beauty, Peace, Lovely, Pain, Ouch, Heaven

Inner Lip Tattoo Care

Caring for a lip tattoo is must. Due to very high percentage of moisture in our lips, the lip tattoo can fade quickly. Moreover, the inner lip tattoo is at high risk of infection due to the food that we eat. Human mouth consists of various bacteria which further increases the chance of getting an infection. The first step towards inner lip tattoo care, is keeping the lips dry for at least 4 to 5 days after getting the tattoo. You should rinse with some antibacterial alcohol-free mouth wash at least 4-5 times a day. To reduce the scabbing on the lip you can apply ointments that contain vitamin A and D. You should also watch out what to eat during the tattoo healing. Avoid eating acidic foods. Do not expose your inner lip tattoo in direct sunlight.

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