Lipitor Can Lead to Serious Side Effects

Citizens of the United States are living longer than ever; but it is not due to a healthier lifestyle. Instead, modern medicine is treating the symptoms of many different diseases that can easily be controlled with a better lifestyle. One of those conditions is high cholesterol. Instead of changing their diet and lifestyle, millions of people seek a prescription for Lipitor. A drug that could ultimately cause fatal side effects. If you, or a loved one, have been hurt after using this drug, contact a personal injury attorney regarding filing your Lipitor lawsuit.

Lipitor Revenue

Lipitor is one of the top selling drugs of all time. Since its approval in 1999, the drug has brought in over $120 billion for the pharmaceutical giant. In fact, this single drug brought in $7.4 billion during the year 2011. In just one year this drug made more money than most pharmaceutical companies make in their entirety. The only reason the drug is no longer making quite as much money is the patent dropped off. But even without it Pfizer still makes millions of dollars each year; money that costs the users a lot of pain and suffering.

Lipitor Side Effects

Lipitor is a statin drug that is highly effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels while simultaneously raising HDL cholesterol levels. While the drug does its job remarkably well, it also exacts a toll on the body through a multitude of potentially fatal side effects.
Those taking Lipitor are putting themselves at an increased risk of:

• Kidney Damage
• Liver Damage
• Muscle Damage
• Memory Loss
• Jaundice

These side effects are in addition to the laundry list of other side effects (such as dry mouth, dizziness, and the like) that are less serious in nature, but more annoying than anything.
While many people would say that they know they are taking risks whenever they start a new prescription drug, they also know that they should be warned about the side effects. Pfizer, the company that makes and markets Lipitor, never fully addressed these side effects. Instead they passed over them in order to sell more of the drug.

Contact a Lipitor Lawsuit Attorney

If you have used Lipitor, and you have suffered from one of these dangerous side effects, you may be able to collect compensation. Contact a personal injury attorney to schedule your free consultation to determine if you will be able to file a Lipitor lawsuit. There is no obligation to you, and there is no reason you should suffer at the hands of Pfizer.