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List Makeup Brand Names


Black skin, white skin, yellow skin – women of all skin colors and types like to look good and they look for list of makeup brand names. If you prefer calling makeup as cosmetics you would not be very wrong. Cosmetics are the umbrella title that includes makeup kits. Makeup refers to substances that are used to augment the odor and appearance of parts of human body. Cosmetics include items such as powders, lipsticks, makeup for facial enhancements, skin care lotions, creams, perfumes, towelettes, hair sprays, deodorants, bath oils, color eye contact lenses, hair color items, bubble bath butters and other products.

The sub-title of cosmetics known as makeup primarily defines colored products that are used to alter or change the appearance of the user. Many venders will usually draw a line between care cosmetics and decorative cosmetics. Manufacturers and vendors in the cosmetic industry are a small niche of corporations that have operations throughout the world. However, the sale and distribution of cosmetics and makeup is done through many distribution channels and sales methods. The FDA or the Food and Drug Administration agency of the United States of America summarizes cosmetics as products intended to be used by the human body to cleanse, promote attractiveness and beautify or alter appearance without affecting any function and structure of the body. A few corporations have succeeded in raising and keeping the name of their brands at the top of the list of sought after makeup products.


Avon is a world famous makeup provider making its way to the list makeup brand names. Avon Cosmetics is a company that provides high quality cosmetics which women all over the world have loved for years and years. Fondly touted as he woman’s company Avon Cosmetics maintains its quality in products as well as having new innovations in skin care and beauty products as well as accessories and jewelry.

Bare Escenuals

Bare Escentuals is another famous cosmetics producing company that has a mission to assist women have the healthiest skin ever possible. To this end therefore, Bare Escentuals uses natural products and ingredients ranging from eye shadows to foundations, to all-over body power and facial blush products. The woman can actually do a whole body skin care and cosmetic regime using brands from this company.

Loreal Mineral Makeup

Loreal Mineral Makeup is constantly giving its valued clients updates to help them keep abreast with what is happening in the cosmetics world. This is one of the reasons that the company stays high on the list of makeup brand names recognized in the world. This company offers cosmetic products that are easy to afford yet maintaining their quality. The Bare Naturale foundation branch is especially well known because it is sold as a natural makeup.

Several other top range cosmetic companies include MAC Cosmetics and their range of different brands, Black Opal as well as Black Opal Cosmetics branch, Chanel, Clique Makeup Company, CoverGirl, Estee Lauder range of products and many other makeup companies that not only offer good quality products but advise on application routines as well as information regarding where to contact good makeup artists.

List Makeup Brand Names
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