List Of Foods For Diabetics To Eat

If you suffer from diabetes a list of foods for diabetics to eat is a very useful thing. This list will help you replace some products with others that are more appropriate for diabetics. Diabetic’s diet should be based on the mentioned products so this list might be helpful when you’re going to the grocery store. Please note that the list won’t contain every possible product (listing every product is impossible). It will, however, provide you with some general guidelines that will easily let you choose good foods for diabetics to eat.

List of foods diabetics can eat

What vegetables can a diabetic eat? Fortunately, almost all vegetables are suitable for people suffering from diabetes. Spinach, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce, cauliflower or tomato can be listed as some (there are a lot more great veggies!) of the vegetables you can choose from. Fresh vegetables are important to provide your body with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Most vegetables contain small amount of carbohydrates and no sugar, so they are suitable for diabetics. When it comes to vegetables, you should eat in moderation (or avoid) veggies such as potatoes and corn.

Breads and grains
Those foods contain a lot of carbohydrates, so diabetes must choose those products wisely. A general rule of thumb is to choose whole grain products. Whole grain bread, brown rice and whole grain cereals (with low amount of sugar!) should replace white bread, white rice and normal cereals. Whole grain products contain complex carbohydrates which slowly release energy and keep your blood sugar levels fairly low.

If you are looking for list of fruits diabetics can eat you should know, that it’s difficult to create one. You can find grapefruit, raspberries, blackberries and some others between fruits that seem to be fairly harmless for diabetics. In fact, you can eat probably any kind of fruit (even though all of them contain fructose – natural sugar found in fruits). Just remember to eat them in moderation (maybe only a few times a week). From time to time you can also drink fruit juice, but be careful and choose only 100% fruit juice, not any kind of “fruit drinks” because they are loaded with artificial sugar and preservatives.

Protein sources
When it comes to protein sources for diabetics the most important rule is to choose low-fat protein sources. Some of the best choices are: breast of chicken or turkey (skinless), or any other baked or grilled low-fat cuts of meat or fish. Low-fat yogurt (not a flavored one, they are loaded with sugar), or cheese are also great sources of albumins. If you choose to follow vegetarian or vegan diet, you should look for other protein sources such as legumes, nuts or soy products.

Beverages for diabetics
When it comes to beverages, people suffering from diabetes should watch the amount of sugar (and other carbs) in what they drink. As always, pure water seems to be the best choice. Diabetics can also drink tea and coffee (both unsweetened, low-fat milk allowed). When it comes to alcohol, you can drink it, but only in small amounts.

Snacks for diabetics
Are there any snacks for diabetics? Sure there are, you should look for any sugar-free ice creams and candies. Most normal snacks contain a lot of sugar which turns into glucose. This results in high blood sugar. Once in a while you can eat some kind of normal snack, but before that you need to eat something that will lower your blood sugar.

As a diabetic you should remember that you need to keep you blood sugar levels fairly low. Choosing foods from the mentioned list will help you to achieve that. Please note that the mentioned list of foods for diabetics to eat isn’t complete by any means.