List Of Foods That Speed Up Your Metabolism

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If you think about losing some weight, a list of foods that speed up your metabolism is a must-have. Knowing what foods speed up your metabolic rate is very helpful in the process of losing weight. If you want to accelerate metabolism naturally, choosing proper food is probably the first choice you can make. Let’s take a look at foods that help you with speeding up your metabolism.

List of foods that speed up your metabolism

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Green Tea: Besides many health benefits of green tea, it’s also one of the beverages that can boost your metabolism. It’s also a great way to start the day – the caffeine in it gives you a jump start into the day.

Cold water: Drinking water is extremely important in our life and it turns out, thank drinking it might raise your metabolism. It’s important that the water has to be cold – your body needs to use its energy to warm it to the proper temperature!

Grapefruit: It reduces insulin levels, which means that your metabolic rate will be accelerated. That’s why grapefruits are recommended for people that are trying to reduce their weight.

Broccoli: If you’re looking for a perfect match in case of nutrients – calcium and vitamin C are likely the ones you’re looking for. Broccoli contains both of them. Calcium is known to boost metabolism, vitamin C stimulates your body to absorb more calcium. That’s a perfect couple!

Hot peppers: Jalapeno, cayenne and other hot peppers are those you’re looking for. Capsaicin contained in spicy peppers speeds up your metabolism by stimulating the body to release stress hormones. Hot peppers are also known to reduce craving which also promotes weight loss.

Whole grains: The best possible for you among whole grains are: oatmeal and brown rice. Increasing your metabolic rate isn’t their most important task. They contain a lot of complex carbohydrates that release their energy very slowly. That helps to stabilize and lower your level of insulin. Having both stabilized and low level of insulin is one of the most important things when it comes to boosting metabolism and weight loss.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon isn’t commonly known as a metabolism booster, but it can greatly help you with it. Besides, you can add a little of cinnamon to numerous foods, which makes raising your metabolism fairly easy. One of the people that promotes cinnamon is Tim Ferris in his “The 4-Hour Body” bestseller.

Turkey: Most of us don’t eat turkey meat on a regular basis. It seems that eating it is reserved for some occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving. You should consider eating lean turkey on a regular basis, as a replacement of other kinds of meat. Turkey is a good source of complete protein and it stimulates your body to increase BMR (basal metabolic rate).

Yogurt: As I’ve mentioned earlier, calcium stimulates your body to boost metabolism. Most dairy products contain a lot of calcium, but yogurt seems to be the best choice (especially Greek style one). Besides helping you lose your weight, yogurt has a number of other health benefits. The best possible yogurt to speed up metabolism is a low-fat one.

If you’ll add some of the mentioned foods to your diet, they will help you boost your metabolic rate naturally. You should also know, that this list of foods that speed up your metabolism is not complete by any means.

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