List of Rihanna Tattoos With Meanings

Rihhana Tattoos List Tag With Meanings Explanation

The Umbrella Singer Rihanna totally crazed with tattoos, she almost inked every body part of her body with tons of tats.She love tattoos so much and the number of her tattoos keep on increasing every moment.

Rihanna has admitted she already addicted to tattoos work. ‘I like hanging out in tattoo shops‘ . She totally intrigued by tattoos and it entire culture that really attract her so much. Rihanna so in-depth into tattoos art until start to study them and even get bum-rushed.

This is an interesting question: how many tattoos does Rihanna have until today? She has about total of 15 tattoos (this is the latest i got, not sure i’m miss out any). Yes, you got me right, total of 15 tattoos already inked on her shape figure.

Sound like a lot to me. Keep on reading and we listed out one by one the meaning of each Rihanna tattoos which inked on her body.

Rihanna Tattoos and Their Meanings

Checkout total 15 Rihanna Tattoos Include with Meanings and Explaination

1. Tattoos Arabic Phrase ‘Freedom is God’ Inked on Her Ribcage

An Arabic phase inked on her left side ribcage meaning ‘ Freedom for God‘. Don’t actually knew what meaning behind those phase but it definitely mean something special to her. This is a usualspot to put a tattoo as it quiet hidden and difficult to see by public. She really know how to find a great spot to hide her body art well.

2. Right Ear Tattoos – Small Pisces Sign

Rihanna’s birthday on 20 Feb 1988 which mean her horoscope is Pisces, so it isn’t any surprise that she has a Pisces sign (little star symbols) tattooed on back right ear.Star sign tattoos are very popular with both men and woman, and it seems Rihanna wants to express her creative and expressive character through her tattoo. The Pisces sign usually covered by her long hair unless she tie them up.

3. Middle Finger Tattoo – Word ‘Love’

The left middle finger ‘Love‘ wording tattoos finished in the year 2008.The font of the tattoo is normal font with a bit of Italic effect added to it. Is a very unique spot to place a tattoo like this. Usually it hidden by closed finger, beside is one of the picture that barely show off her Love finger tattoo.

4. Inside Left Ear Tattoo – A Five Angle Stars

She got a star inside her ear. Yes! you have read it right, it is ‘in’ her left ear. No many celebrities dare to try place a tattoo inside ear as is very painful due to soft muscle of ear. She look absolutely stunning with her Star tattoo!

5. Ankle Tattoo – Music Note

This could be the earliest tattoos even inked on Rihanna body in 2006. Tattoo placed on her ankle with 2 symbols of music note which represented her symbolizes and passion about music which happens to be one of the most important aspects of her life. If you’re interested to get a women foot tattoos, you can checkout Women Femine Foot Designes and Ideas.

6. Back Tattoo – A Trail of Stars Moving Down

A trail star designs is stunning back tattoos and it distributed in such a way populated as a ‘S’ shape from Rihanna neck to back of her shoulder.Stars tattooed happen in several sessions where they inked and designed with stars that shaped completely different. Some are completely inked and other just the outlines. Also the sizes of the stars are different.

7. Right Index Finger Tattoo – the Phrase Shh..

Is a creative way to ask you to shut up your big mouth by putting a ‘Shhhh’ phase on her index finger.Many fans have observed it when she was flaunting her tattoo to them. You know what to do when you saw Good Girl Gone Bad singer show off her ‘Shhh…’ finger to you.

8. Top Shoulder Tattoo – The date 4.11.1986

Who birthday is that? The date in roman numerals on her shoulder… XI•IV•LXXXVI (11-04-86) which means the date is April 11, 86 NOT November 4, 86. So, don’t let those date misleading you. Nope, it’s not Rihanna’s birrhday (February 20, 1988) or Chris Brown’s (May 5, 1989) birthday!!! It’s her best friend and assistant, Melissa Forde’s birthday!!

This makes us question her motives… why would you have the birth date of your best friend in your body with such a visible and large tattoo!!?!?!On the other hand Rihanna is always accompanied by Melissa anywhere she goes… even the shower: More question keep on raise up when fans keep on thinking the real meaning behind this mysterious tattoo.

9. Rihanna Shoulder : ‘Never a failure, always a lesson”

Rihanna shoulder inked with “Never a failure, always a lesson” motto written in cursive on her chest – backwards spotted on Dec 09. This is a reflection tattoos where you can read it when you stand in front of mirror. Those wording put in such a way, so that only Rihanna can read it when look at the mirror while other can’t really read it clearly.

The phase given inspiring and motivation to Rihanna to flight on her dream and staying optimistically along her journey. Rihanna explained the tattoos ‘It’s kind of my motto in life for everything’ instead of considering things to be mistakes, considering them lessons.’

10. Right Ribcage Tattoo – A handgun

She put this tattoo on during the midst of all the abuse stories and rumors about her relationship drama with former boyfriend Chris Brown.This properly is the most controversial tattoo she wished to had is a little gun right in the ribcage area.

Actually she wanted it on her shoulders but was finally dissuaded to do it. The gun tattoo given meaning could be safety and courage to Rihanna.

11. Rihanna Tattoos Hand – Henna-style dragon claw

Resources claimed that this tattoos is a symbolic of relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna, as Chris also have the same type of tattoos like this.

Rihanna henna style tattoos on her hand complete with Hawaiian hibiscus flowers. Initially thought to be a guitar but it slowly generated to be henna style dragon claw. This really make other scratches their head thinking what actually meaning behind this tattoo.

12 . Back Leg Tattoo – Pink Hair Bow Cartoon Skull

Katy Perry has a red smiley kind of strawberry cartoon character on her foot.Rihanna did the same while inked a skull with a cute pink hair bow slightly above her ankle. Believe this is the only color tattoo that she had on her body.The skull is kind of pirate tattoos which has 2 crossing bone below the head skull and well inked with cute and creative way.

13. Right Thigh Fake Tattoo – Big Gun

Rihanna spotted wearing 2 pieces bikini with her big hand gun tattoos on her right thigh when having some time off relaxing paddle-boarding and kayaking while on holiday in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The ‘Love the Way You Lie’ singer already has over a dozen tattoos on her body — but a source leaked that gun tattoos is a fake temporary tats. Instead, the source explains, the temporary tattoo is for her role in the upcoming flick Battleship, shooting now.

14. Neck Tattoo – ‘rebelle fleur’ Wording

This should be the most talk about Rihanna tattoos that recently spotted bona fide ink on her neck which read ‘rebelle fleur’ (roughly ‘rebel flower’ in French). But source reported is a mistake follow the nouns they change, so it should be “fleur rebelle.”

After checked back with Rihhana tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy — which leaked out exclusively to OK! magazine:

“rebelle fleur translates to rebel flower, NOT rebellious flower, it’s 2 nouns so in that case fleur does not HAVE to be first! Fyi, cuz they will ask”.

15. Hip Tattoo – Inked Sanskrit Prayer Phase

One straight line Sanskrit tattoos placed on her hip . I can’t seem to look clearly for all those wording base on the picture beside as covered by cloth. The first four words that are clearly seen and translated were forgiveness, truth, suppression and clamness.

Question is: Why Rihanna pick Sanskrit wording to put them on instead of Japanese Kenji or Chinese wording? Anyone knows the answer?