List of Umbilical Cord Blood Banks

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Is it necessary to have a list of umbilical cord blood banks in a hospital?

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Having a list of umbilical cord blood banks in a hospital may not be popular in countries where this is not done. It is a necessity in the medical field and lives have been saved because of this blood. Umbilical cord blood banks are banks that store blood from the umbilical cord of a new born baby at birth.

The cord is not clamped immediately after birth so that the blood can be collected. This blood is a very valuable source of cells known as stem cells which can be used to save lives during a transplant procedure.

It is important to have such a bank in any hospital, because the blood content can be used to save many lives depending on how many couples have agreed to donate their children’s’ blood at birth.

Having a blood bank in any hospital is determined by many factors and one of them is whether people are aware of its existence and its value. Most people are aware of donating blood for transfusion purposes to save other people’s lives, but donating umbilical cord blood may sound rather absurd for those who do not quite understand.

It is normal to find people queuing to donate blood at malls, and other places when organizations like the St Johns Ambulance or any hospital request for blood donation from the public. This means that the awareness level is quite high on this particular type of blood donation.

However, cases of people donating umbilical blood is rare and this may be due to lack of awareness of its values and how it may come in handy later on in life to save the same babies life. This may be in case of a particular pediatric disease such as sickle cell anemia or any other.

Another thing is that it is very expensive to maintain these banks because this blood undergoes several processes and has to be frozen after collection then monitored over time. This requires staff cost and equipment which most hospitals are not able to afford, especially the public ones.

Any patient in need of the stem cells that can only be found in umbilical cord blood may benefit from such a bank because as mentioned above, the cells are very useful and are used to save lives.

There are specific hospitals that have umbilical cord blood banks and a few are outlined below:-

  1. The University of Colorado – Colorado State – United States of America (USA)
  2. The Genesis bank – Indiana (United State of America (USA)
  3. Virgin Health Bank in the United Kingdom (UK) , a Public – Private cord blood bank
  4. Use Family Cord blood bank , Orlando, United States of America
  5. Itabashi Medical Laboratory, Kobe, Japan

A list of umbilical cord blood banks is a necessity for use in times of emergencies where patients’ lives are in danger and only stem cells from the cord can rescue them.

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