List Of Vegan Diet Foods

If you’re a beginner vegan you’re probably searching for a list of vegan diet foods. Veganism is a specific kind of vegetarian diet. It’s a very restrictive diet – vegans abstain themselves from consuming any kind of food of animal origin. That’s not only meat and fish, but also all kinds of dairy products and even honey. Because of that, if you are a vegan, you need to add certain products to your diet plan so you can supplement the macronutrients, minerals and vitamins that your body might be lacking. In order to prepare a list of vegan diet foods one can take a look at the vegan food pyramid.

List of vegan diet food

Whole grains
Grains seem to be the foundation of the vegan diet. You can find them in bread, rice, pasta, cereals, oats and many more. Those foods are great sources of carbohydrates. You can find both whole-grain products and refined grain products on the market. The whole-grain ones are more beneficial than the refined ones because they consist of complex carbohydrates which release their energy slowly. Whole grains are the source of your energy. Whole grains contain also some proteins, so as you can see, they are really the most important group of foods.

There are really tons of vegetables. Broccolis, carrots, tomatoes, cauliflowers, lettuces, cucumbers or beets to mention a few. Veggies supply your body with vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain good health. Vegetables consist mostly of water and dietary fiber (there are a few exceptions, like potatoes) so they won’t give you much energy.

Fruits are also needed in vegan diet – they supply your body with vitamins and some minerals. Fruits also contain some sugar (fructose), so you shouldn’t eat them in excessive amount. They should be treated rather as a snack, than a separate meal.

Legumes are very important in vegan diet – they supply your body with proteins. A lot of people says that vegan diet lacks proteins. That’s non true, vegans can easily supply themselves with the right amount of proteins when they know in which foods proteins can be found. Legumes are one of the most important protein sources for vegans. Legumes include beans, peas, lentils (great protein source!). Legumes also supply your body with iron and calcium.

Nuts and seeds
Last but not least, nuts and seeds are extremely important in the vegan diet. They supply your body with both proteins and essential fatty acids. Both of those nutrients are important to maintain good health. Nuts and seeds also contain a lot of minerals and vitamins. You should seriously consider adding a handful of almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds to your daily diet.

Preparing a vegan diet plan is quite easy when you have the above list of vegan diet foods.