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How to Listen to Police Scanner Online

Interested in learning how to listen to police scanner online? Millions of people listen to police scanners online and on their mobile phones every day. What you’ll hear is real-time, live dialogue between various first responders and dispatchers. You’ll hear about current events in progress and the codes and signals that police use in Thierry work. Some people listen to scanners and police radios because they want to get information about emergency events in their neighborhood or local crime. Others love to police scanners to hear breaking news and information for other cities that they are interested in or places where extreme events have happened, like hurricanes, earthquakes or even terrorism – requiring first-responders.

Who’s Broadcasting On Police Scanners?

Scanners aren’t just for Police. There are other emergency services and first responders such as fire and rescue services, and some air ambulance and other services. In some cases, some police forces have moved away from radio broadcasts, but many can still be scraped or eavesdropped on. But instead of you having to configure your device to hear the broadcasts live, the best option is to go to a website using an app to catch the signals processed by a third party.

Broadcastify to Hear Police Scanners

A great resource for listening to live police scanners throughout the United States is Broadcastify.com – where you can search by state and city to pick up local enforcement offers and read transcripts of events that are being broadcast and investigated. A great resource for journalists or police enthusiasts. Broadcastify is available in HTML5, Google and iTunes Apple configurations.

Scanner Radio: Application for Google and iTunes

Scanner Radio is a robust application that includes a wide range of police and first responder organizations. There are many to choose from and if you are using the app, the interface is intuitive and really helps you mine through. The other benefit is that Scanner Radio can provide some insights about the various codes used between police in the field and dispatch.

Listen Abroad to Police in Other Countries

The great thing about listening to police scanners live on your computer is that you don’t have to be in the country to capture what is going on. It can be a little boring if you have to listen to what is going on in the city that you cannot relate to. However, those living in a city like Chicago can tune in to websites like ChicagoScanner in order listen to police scanners and hear what is going on in their city.

If you want to approach listening to police scanners from a fancier appliance, you can download onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch the radio police scanner. This is an application that will allow you to get the latest information through Internet radio streaming. There is a lighter version of this application that is free for those who want to give it a try. The other version isn’t expensive either. Like most applications that can be purchased from the Apple iTunes store you will be able to see reviews from previous buyers.

Another site for online streaming of police scanners that will allow you to access information from all the states of the US is RadioReference. You will get to select the state and an online player that will stream back the audio to your computer as you listen to live police scanners.

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