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‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Wuthering Heights’ are two classical novels from English Lit.

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Leonardo Dicaprio recently starred as Jay Gatsby on the big screen. The recreation of ‘The Great Gatsby’ was breath-taking on Cineplex.

Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ can be seen as an inflated satire of one man’s memoirs and showing-offs to an elite cult of the adorned.

Disillusionment surrounds Gatsby’s life.

The character Nick Carraway is a chum of Gatsby’s and a devout listener of his fairy tales.

Gatsby is obsessed with Daisy.

The frustrated character George, foolishly shoots Gatsby with a gun, and then shoots himself.

Gatsby becomes fond of the character Daisy and displays his true love for her. Daisy’s husband George becomes aware of their love affair and pursues Gatsby.

In conclusion, Gatsby was slayed because of his inability to cope with society.

Emile Brontë’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ lends itself neatly to a debate on whether or not overbearing principles on friendship can exhaust true love.

The tragic Heathcliff is torn by his love for Catherine and her unwise decision to marry another man.

Heathcliff shows his allegiance toward Catherine through his tormented undertakings.

Heathcliff seeks revenge to restore his love for Catherine anew.

It’s sad that Heathcliff leads his life astray: he marries someone in a back alley way and witnesses the passing of Catherine, his one true love.

Brontë puts together such a timeline to record chronological events. There’s also a family lineage to identify the origin of each character. Wretched love affairs, whims, and family and money, make up the face of the novel.

Gatsby couldn’t withstand Daisy’s beauty.

Tom’s love affair with Myrtle seemed elaborate.

There was mention of Gatsby’s tainted past. Gatsby was some kind of swindler or ‘bootlegger.’

Gatsby’s reckless behavior is what led to his death and not the taking the rap for Daisy’s car accident with Myrtle. Gatsby was killed by Myrtle’s husband George. Gatsby’s defiance of the law is what really resulted in his death.

Heathcliff always felt that he didn’t belong to society. His romance with Catherine make-up the first part of the novel.

Watching Catherine slip away from him was heart wrenching. Heathcliff’s emotional struggle resulted in an almost heartless and emotionless character toward the end of the novel.

Gatsby ran Long Island’s freak show. There were some of the most richest, most prominent persons to date. Yes, Gatsby was known for being quite the entertainer.

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