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Little black dress


What I am writing today is nothing novel but about something that almost every girl has in her closet “A Little Black Dress”. Black may not be your favorite color but everyone has at least one black dress back in her wardrobe because we all know black never fails in fashion. Black dresses are popular amongst women of every age. Before going to any party, you rummage through your wardrobe but may always end up on something black. Have you ever wondered that why every girl loves little black dress? Because no matter what, it always makes you look slim, elegant and sexy. Black is the color that suits every body type and you do not need to worry about being unfashionable.
How to choose a perfect black dress

1. Quality and style of dress – for me, comfort always takes precedence over style so the dress material should be smooth, and of good feel & quality. It is quite important to ensure that the dress you choose should fit you perfectly otherwise even the most beautiful dress will look ugly. So you should carefully pick your dress according to your body type (below I am sharing body types and what kind of dresses would be most suitable). Short lengths culminating at knee level are often the primary selections for ladies because these are extremely comfortable yet sexy. As far as the cloth is concerned, in summers, chiffon is definitely the most effective choice because it is absolutely snug in hot days.Whereas in winter, a light-weight wool dress is a sensible choice for you.

2. Body shape- Make sure which style suits you best according to your body type, and then choose the most suitable dress. Put yourself in one of the Body shapes like banana, apple, pear, hourglass or round, and buy accordingly.
a. For Apple shape – A perfect little black dress for an apple shape is a dress that elongates your upper body, and defines your waist.
b. For pear shape – The perfect dress for a pear shape is one that draws attention away from your hips and bottom, and emphasizes your top half. This will help to create balance.
c. For banana shape- The perfect dress for a banana shape is a dress that will give your body curves. A dress with belt at waist will be perfect for this body type.
d. For hourglass shape – The perfect dress for an hourglass shape is a simple fitted dress that will draw attention to your beautiful perfect figure.
e. For round shape- If you happen to be round, forget baggy clothing or dress that cling to your body. Dresses those are tight under bust and loose fall after. Deep neckline pattern will give you more shape.
So next time you should choose your dresses according to your body type. Below I am sharing few pictures of little black dresses that you may like. Drop in a comment and share your experience with me.

Little black dress
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