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Little Known Benefits of Prozac


You’re feeling run down, depressed and discouraged. Life’s daily grind is too much for you to handle and your problems have taken an emotional toll. You need help, that much is obvious, but what type of help will work best to alleviate your depression? You probably weren’t aware of some of the benefits of Prozac outside of a typical clinical treatment for depression.

Under specific circumstances, the drug Prozac may be suggested by your physician. It is very important to note, however, that Prozac isn’t for treating “the blues” nor is it for short-term depression. Prozac is used when a depression continues for so long that it interferes with daily activities, this is known as major depression.

Benefits of Prozac for OCD

Also, Prozac is not just limited to being prescribed for depression. A sufferer of what is obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) could be put on Prozac to control the obsessive thoughts as well as the compulsive behavior accompanying the disorder.

Eating disorders such as bulimia and obesity could likewise be treated successfully with Prozac. While the choice of treatment is always up to the physician, it should not be surprising if Prozac is recommended. Perhaps it will not be effective, but on the other hand, it just might help control the impulses associated with eating disorders.

The active ingredient in Prozac is serotonin. Moods are boosted by delaying the re-absorption rate of serotonin to help moderate moods as well as behaviors. Whether the disruption of serotonin is on-going or chronic, or temporary and short-term, Prozac can serve as a therapeutic option for many mood-altering disorders.

Prozac for Neurological Disease

Some neurological diseases can respond to Prozac. Multiple Sclerosis-related fatigue is chronic and incurable for many with the disease. Prozac has been known to aid some people with MS by supplying more energy and prolonging the release of serotonin in the brains damaged by MS. It can often be difficult to find the right drug for the type of fatigue a person with MS has, sometimes the best drug turns out to be one of the “oldies but goodies” as they say.

Prozac has been around since 1987 and has been called the “grand-daddy” of the SSRI group of drugs. It was used early and often and can still be found being prescribed for psychiatric problems such as bipolar disease.

While it has its critics and may seem outdated to some, Prozac does prove successful at times when the newer drugs do not work. It takes only 1-2 weeks to begin to feel the positive benefits or the disruptive side effects of Prozac. It certainly is a drug that should not be easily dismissed simply because it has been in use the longest.

Little Known Benefits of Prozac
Margaret Allen
Margaret Allen is a lifelong resident of Landover, MD and a mother of two bright girls. She is a health, wellness, and family contributor at Seekyt and an experienced fitness coach and nutritionist. She helps her clients set goals and be the best and most healthy versions of themselves.

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