Living harmoniously with roommates

For every college student all over the world, college life poses some major challenges as well as some great opportunities to grow more and even better. Many freshman students actually come to college right from living with their parents and they have to put up with the issue of living with other people who are total strangers to them. There are normally few options available as far as accommodation is concerned. This issue could lead to some problems for many students and knowing how to handle it is very important. If you find yourself sharing a room with somebody else in college it is important to know how to carry yourself and also to handle your roommates for the sake of peace when you are working on your essay writing of research paper writing task and wellbeing of all the room occupants.

The first thing that you need to realize is that your roommates are very different from you. No two people are alike even those twin who are identical. The way you look at things is therefore going to be so different from the way your roommates do at the same issues. There are going to be disagreements as well as many things that you will agree on. Choosing to major on the positive things is more important and helpful for your peaceful co-existence. Seek to build on what will help to make things constructive and pleasant throughout the college years. Below are some of the tips that could help you do this.

· Just as it is in marriage, it is good for the two or more roommates to make it clear to each other what things they would not like to see as they live together. For example the roommates could agree on such issues as bringing in visitors to the room, issues of alcohol consumption or even other arrangements that have to do with the room. How do you behave when you wake up before other roommates? If these things are not handled clearly from the beginning, problems are bound to come up soon or later.

· Handle all issues as soon as they come up. Do not wait until a small issue becomes a monster to deal with or get out of hand. Things such as leaving socks scattered or leaving the bed unkempt should be handled before they get out of hand. This way, you will be able to co-exist with your college roommates.

· Respect each other as long as you are living together. Giving each other space is important. This should extend to the issue of using other roommate’s items such as socks, combs or even jackets. You must never do this unless with prior permission from your roommates.