Living in San Francisco Pros and Cons

If you’ve been given the opportunity to move and live in San Francisco California, then you may be living in San Francisco Pros and Conswondering if it’s something you want to do. Here is a solid list of living in San Francisco pros and cons. I tried to think about what most people will consider when moving and figure out whether it would be something positive or negative in San Francisco.

Living in San Francisco Pros

I prefer to always start with the good, it helps me to stay more objective and make the right decision.

The Weather

First of all the weather is probably one of the biggest reasons to move there, or at least for me. The weather is fairly mild with mostly cool days. Summers are wonderful and you’ll enjoy going outside rather then dreaming of your A/C while your out. The winters are cool, but you rarely need more then long sleeves and/or a light jacket. Also because of this wonderful weather it stays utterly beautiful year-round rather then just spring and fall.

Public Transportation

Their public transport system is extensive and many people use only this and live without a car. You can get almost anywhere you need to by using public transit and possibly a short walk with your own two feet.


San Francisco has a ton of things you can do. There are plenty of comedy clubs, night clubs, theaters (ones that show Broadway type stuff and ones that are more interactive and lively), museums, etc. There are also a large variety of eateries/restaurants. If you’re in the mood for just about anything, Indian, American, Italian, etc. you should be able to find a restaurant that serves it.

Medical Care

Living in San Francisco pros and consSome of the top rated medical schools are located in San Francisco which means two things. First that these students need patients and so there are many hospitals and clinics offering care for incredibly inexpensive prices. In fact, when my sister-in-law went out there her son got really sick. Their insurance provider was from Utah so everything was out-of-network, or in other words gonna be expensive. Well, when she was calling around she was told about a clinic ran by a school that was really inexpensive. She went, waited for about an hour and then found out her son had croup. They gave her 2 weeks of antibiotics and when she went to pay it was only $45. Even with insurance I usually pay more then that! The second great thing about these medical schools is that students are graduating and finding work there in San Francisco. Which means it’s likely your doctor, pediatrician or other medical professional probably graduated from one of these schools and has an excellent education with a lot of great hands-on training.

Very Tolerant

I debated whether or not to even include this but then decided it was worth it. I have lived in places where people are very judgmental and no matter where you go you get someone looking at you with a judgmental look and might even get people telling you just how they think you’re not right. Well in San Francisco you won’t really get that. Most people there are extremely tolerant of just about anything.

Living in San Francisco Cons

Expensive, expensive and did I mention Expensive

Alright so you’ve probably got the point but living in San Francisco is incredibly expensive. There are some areas that are a bit cheaper but even those are really pricey for most people. If you are planning to move here you will want to make sure you have 5-6K saved up for the rental deposit and first month’s rent. You may not need it all but you’ll be happy it’s there. You will also want a job that pays about $14-15 an hour lined up before moving so that you will be able to make ends meet once you get out there.


The city is well prepared for earthquakes and there aren’t many that cause large amounts of damage like the quake in ’89 did (I was about 100 miles from San Francisco and only 4 when that happened but I still remember feeling the aftershocks and how scary the situation was.) So if you are scared of earthquakes then living in San Francisco may not be for you.

It is a Large City

Now this seems like a ‘DUH’ type of thing but if you haven’t been to many big cities this will probably be a big thing to you. Also if you are like me and don’t prefer to live in a big city but prefer smaller more personal types of places then this is something you may want to take into consideration.

Noise Level

This is really a problem with any big city you go to but the noise level is high and if you have a difficult time sleeping then you will probably want to rent a place that is high and even purchase a noise machine. Although if you really have sleeping problems then getting high and buying a noise machine may not do it for you and you may want to consider not moving there.


Living in San Francisco ConsOkay so I will say that many drivers are actually nice and it’s really not as crazy as many people say it is, in fact, I have driven in many places that are far harder and worse to drive in. What is difficult is that the roads are HUGE, some with as many as 8 lanes in one direction, which means you can easily miss a turn or get lost if you are not familiar with the place.

California is Broke

So this isn’t just a con for living in San Francisco but the whole state of California. This state is incredibly in debt and they have been having a hard time agreeing on ways to fix the deficit. Which means at some point it will have to effect everyone in California; higher taxes, less assistance, less funding for schools and probably museums, higher tuition in college since the state funding to universities will go down and probably a whole lot more that we just can’t foresee.