Local Yellow Pages Directory – it’s Evolution and Present Importance

Yellow pages – how did it all began?

Almost 3 decades ago, entrepreneurs and business owners would always agree for marketing their businesses in the Yellow Pages. There wasn’t any confusion with that since the yellow pages would provide the reach to potential clients and customers that no other medium could do. Newspaper ads, billboards and mailers were not able to bring that exposure. “Local search” – the concept began in the late 1800s when The Chicago Directory was started by Reuben H. Donnelley. He could trace a number of customers through his partnership with a local telephone company. Slowly Donnelley was able to expand the company in the beginning of 1900s from the greater Chicago metropolitan area to Wisconsin, New York and also suburban Cincinnati. And that paved way for a new concept – of the yellow pages.

rankingA century later Donnelley’s legacy continues as Dex One Corporation. Its website and yellow page services – DexKnows.com offer similar services.

Importance of this concept in the age of Google & internet marketing

We live in an era that is driven by search engines, where we are totally dependent on online research to get what we want. However, it seems that the value of this concept remains the same. The businesses are able to reach out to their potential customers and people can also find out stores near their locality through this.

There have been surveys to find out whether consumers still prefer yellow pages that can make it a valuable resource for advertising. The answer is important especially for the ones with limited budgets that allow using two or three promotional media. The yellow design services are available online as well. Though these companies are able to provide other online services like SEO, site construction, etc. they are known by the directory listing services that they provide.

What do you get from them?

Businesses get the scope of advertising in the local listings for their services or products with a monthly fee. The standard packages will include setting up a company profile, location map, link of the website and being placed above free and basic listings. As a business owner opts for premium monthly packages he gets more perks. However, the priority always remains providing a higher listing than others with a low package. The more a company is paying, the higher its rank will be gaining a competitive edge.

Change in the search trends

You can view these directories like an easy process to secure a top ranking in a Google search results. To gain the top listing position in an organic search result one needs to abide by Google’s algorithms. This means the website should have adequate relevant content and its overall quality should be good. However, a lot of small business heads don’t have enough time to update the website regularly with fresh content. They are also not able to check whether the website has relevant keywords that can help them to rank high.

An online local yellow pages directory will help you secure a higher rank, if you pay well. This is facilitated regardless of the website’s design or present rank in the search results.

What we can conclude

The concept of local yellow page listings is definitely effective to get your business more exposure. Your marketing budget will decide the package that you will select. These services are important since they bring much exposure to the business. The value however doesn’t exceed a lot than what a social media or SEO campaign will provide. It is important for the business owner to do quality research before selecting a particular company services for yellow pages. Once the right source is found and the package is decided, the rest will be easy.